If you are unsure how to begin to give a massage there are a few simple strokes you can learn to master easily. There are some excellent massage videos you can learn from.

  • Long, smooth, firm strokes following the line of muscle up and down his body.
  • Circular motions, especially at joints.
  • Kneading—slowly and firmly squeezing muscle between fingers and palms of your hands, then letting go and repeating—particularly in large muscle groups like shoulders, back, buttocks and thighs.
  • Feathering—very light fingertip strokes—primarily for erotic massage, the arousal of skin to skin contact.
  • Rocking, with one hand on either side of your partner’s body, or a particular part of it, her buttocks for example, gently rock back and forth.

    You cannot go wrong by starting out with slow, gentle pressure in your strokes. Ask your partner to tell you if she would like more intensity as you go. The more massages you give each other the easier it will become to know what is needed through the messages your hands give you. Nevertheless, whenever you are receiving a massage communicate your desires and sensations with loving requests and appreciative sounds—give your masseur informative and thankful feedback.

    Excerpted from our Tantra and Kama Sutra Sex Positions eBook.

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