Maximized Human Potential and The Law of Love
By Dr. Jeanine
copyright 2007

I’ve noticed that some of my clients and friends have humorously begun to call me “Dr. Love”. It is a nickname that I thoroughly embrace. What could be a more complimentary name? I plan to try and live up to it.

Ultimately, I believe there is no greater power or law if you will, than that of love. Divinely inspired love is the most potent force in the universe. Love has alchemical potential to transform anything into something that transcends its form or (perceived) limitations.

In U2’s song “One” Bono sings, “Love is a temple, love is the higher law.” A great deal of the psychological and spiritual discourse I hear is about universal laws. When working with clients I will often offer applications and strategies that are love-based. When my clients are desirous of monumental shifts and changes, why mess with weaker ideologies?

As a society, we may be tempted to think of love only as a fleeting emotion. The love I am talking about is based on active choice, true compassion and maturity. It is a force that commands attention, not something adolescent, transitory or trivial.

We are given clues throughout history, across time, cultural and religious and spiritual traditions about the power of love and how to love. Some spiritual traditions, such as A Course in Miracles, offer the idea of “love versus fear” as a simple way to break down any challenge. My clients who are highly committed to transforming their lives from the inside out are dedicated to living their lives from the perspective of love.

People often ask me “What do you think about this course or perspective?” in hopes they have found the Holy Grail of human potential. Of course, there are probably millions of ways we can grow, enhance and improve our lives while developing our spiritual depths. If you are serious about committing to a love based life, my new e-course offers structure, insight and support. The Alma Answer! 21 Sacred Soul Steps to Divine Solutions is a step by step love-based program.

If you wish to maximize your own human potential, remember that love is the choice which will take you to the most actualized, realized and ultimate place possible.

Jeanine Austin, Ph.D.
Doctor of Life Coaching
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Author's Bio: 

I help women from all over the world design a simplified, meaningful, purposeful and joyful life based on their own strengths, values and priorities. I also coach women towards their ultimate purpose, full of spiritual meaning, connection, compassion and assist them in overcoming any existential suffering. I utilize a strategic and holistic approach in transforming challenges into transcendent integration of joy. I have nearly 25 years experience in working in people helping professions.

I provide life coaching sessions to women from all over the world via the telephone. I facilitate both individual and group sessions. Please note that I have also coached coaches into successful coaching practices. The outcome of individual coaching is focused on making positive internal and external shifts in one's life, while being supported and assisted by the life coach. The goal of my affordable coaching groups is to provide a loving community and transformative interpersonal relationships to help women actualize their lives.

I have both a bachelor's and master's degree in clinical social work and a doctorate in life coaching-graduating Summa cum Laude. The breadth of my career has incorporated many aspects of clinical work with children and adults in a wide variety of settings. I am no longer practicing psychotherapy as I now coach full time. I've recently developed The Alma Answers! 21 Sacred Steps to Divine Solutions. This is an option for e-course, workshops and individual coaching.