Are you someone who wants to see change in your personal circumstance and in the world surrounding you?

A short time ago I decided that I didn't much like "reality" and ever since that day, my endeavour has been to change anything about my "reality" that I don't like.

It is my understanding that my "reality" is my creation. To this end I've found "I got me into this mess and I'll get me out of it" to be a pretty fair take on life. Have I always felt like that? No. In the past I've blamed others and circumstances. And I continued to do this until I found a better way...

What works best is to get a clear vision of where you want to get to and then surround yourself in material, information and associations that can lead you to where you want to get to. Hoping things will change and then continuing to do what we've always done, has been suggested as a definition of madness. I'd agree with that. If we want to see change we've got to take a leap of faith, that by doing something different we can make new things happen.

I wonder what you're seeking to change?

Here's a plan:

1. Decide what you want

2. Devise a plan of action and begin

3. Review the plan as you progress

4. Make the necessary adjustments if you find it isn't working

5. Keep changing things until you get the desired results.

Best Wishes

Neil Millar
Founder and Editor at CommunitySoul

One of the things we're endeavouring to change at CommunitySoul is the way news is reported. The mainstream media reports can leave you feeling a bit down in the mouth and disempowered. Our aim is to report stories in such a way as we can use them to change your slant on reality. You might want to bookmark News with Empowerment in your favourites and get news that uplifts you

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