We're met by many challenges in life: mental, physical, economical, environmental, community, cultural, political etc. And sometimes these challenges become painful. This article is about how we face these challenges.

On Monday, around 2pm, in Bristol, I hit threshold. By my own standards I'd been taking it easy for a while and I knew I needed a shake up.

Though my challenge was a physical one, the experience gained can be easily applied to any part of life. You see, we know the universe is constantly expanding, and it therefore makes sense that we must expand along with it.

Put simply we get comfortable. We begin to behave in a set manner or routine. We re-act (act out a learned response) without even thinking and then wonder why life has stopped moving forward.

I'd got comfortable. And when we get comfortable we stop expanding. And when we stop expanding for too long, being comfortable stops being comfortable.

My comfort zone was exercising at a steady 117 heart beats per minute, for around an hour. But with the encouraging nudge of my fitness trainer I found this expansion the Universe wants. My expansion took me to 165 heart beats per minute.

How do you think that felt?

I can assure you it was uncomfortable. But the discomfort didn't last. In fact next time I ran, the discomfort become more comfortable. And when I repeated it again today, it was almost easy.

Now take this across life. I asked myself this question. You might like to ask it too:

If I'm not expanding in one area of my life, could this be a reflection of other areas of my life too?

How will the Universe counter my actions? What has it been showing me, what have I been ignoring?

Time and time again I've been in a place where the Soul is crying out for a break. And every time that break comes. And every time it comes, it comes when I expand out of that comfort zone.

There is much to be done in our personal lives and much to be done in the world. Will it get done by sitting in comfort zones, or might we need to continually expand?

In business, getting your message to one extra person each day is expansion. A smile instead of a frown at your children is expansion of patience. Cutting down on food you know is bad for you is expansion of your self-will. A moment of tenderness with your partner is expansion of love. Picking up a bit of litter is expansion of your love for the environment. Chatting with the people at the bus stop is expanding community.



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