You’re Right!: Thinking the Right Way to Your Greatness!

By: Myles W. Miller

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”
- Henry Ford

One day, I was listening to an audio book by renowned success teacher, Brian Tracy. He made a profound assertion about the thoughts that we think that has had an impact everything that I do now. Mr. Tracy said that, “we become what we think about most of the time.” After much debate, long deliberation and cautious execution, I accepted this statement as the truth. Let me show you how I came to this conclusion.

Let’s start with your most dominant thoughts. No matter what they are, they set up a certain set of expectations. Now, from those expectations, your actions are performed. And finally, those actions yield the results of those initial thoughts.

So, what does all of this mean? What it means is that if you think great and successful thoughts, you set up great and successful expectations. Once great and successful expectations are in place, then great and successful actions will be executed. And lastly, great and successful actions will always obtain great and successful results! Just think, massive airplanes, huge trains, beautiful automobiles, sky-scrapping buildings, freedom of this nation, and other wonders of this nature all started with a single thought. Those single thoughts led to the marvels that we behold today!

However, there is just one problem with this pattern. And that is, that most of us use it negatively. That is, most of us consciously choose to think failure-ridden and mediocre thoughts. Thusly, setting up expectations of failure and mediocrity. Again, from those set of expectations, failure-ridden and mediocre actions taken. In the end, the results are failure-ridden and mediocre. We all have been victims of self-sabotage in some form or fashion. There were the times that we have over slept for that major presentation. Trust this, it started with a thought.

Don’t fear, however, I have come with a solution that I use daily. I consciously choose to think positive and empowering thoughts. There are eight types of thoughts that I use to break and disarm most failure-conscious thoughts. They are:

• Thoughts of Forgiveness
• Thoughts of Compassion
• Thoughts of Love
• Thoughts of Peace
• Thoughts of Happiness
• Thoughts of Hope
• Thoughts of Prosperity
• Thoughts of Thanksgiving

Thoughts of Forgiveness: Some of the most important thoughts in the world are those of forgiveness. By being able to forgive others for the harm they cause you and their shortcomings, you set yourself up to be forgiven for the harm that you cause others and your shortcomings. Forgiveness is also important because it frees all parties involved from the negative emotions associated with carrying grudges, grief, and guilt.

Thoughts of Compassion: Not many things in this world can disarm a hurtful situation like compassion. Compassion feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, prays for total prosperity of humanity, understands the misunderstood, comforts the sick and injured, and says kind things to those you dislike. When you think these types of thoughts, you close the door to anger and its destructive components (vengeance, grudges, grief, war, hate, etc.).

Thoughts of Love: According to I Corinthians 13:13, love is the greatest thing in the world! Love destroys all walls and bondage created by hatred and it opens all doors. Loving thoughts unite all and exclude none.

Thoughts of Peace: A mind at peace is of the most productive minds on earth. Peaceful thoughts bring one into harmony with their greatness.

Thoughts of Happiness: Happiness is not a human desire, it is a humane right! We all have the right to be happy because happy people make better decisions.

Thoughts of Hope: Where there is hope, there is life! Where there is hope, impossible becomes possible. Where there is hope, solutions are obtainable. Where there is hope, one is unstoppable! Thus, hopeful thoughts lead us to the realm of possibility.

Thoughts of Prosperity: Prosperity is the idea of total well-being. As Bishop T.D. Jakes, Pastor Creflo Dollar, and many other spiritual teachers describe it, “nothing broken, nothing missing.” Prosperous thoughts set us up to break all forms of poverty, both mentally and physically.

Thoughts of Thanksgiving: Anytime one is always complaining about what they don’t have, what they do have finds a way to evaporate. Therefore, it is very important to think thoughts that account for and give thanks for what God has blessed us to receive.

Thinking these types of thoughts free up your mind to accept only the best, most positive, and most empowering ideas possible. As it says in the Bible, in Proverbs 23:7, “as a man thinks within himself, so is he.” I thoroughly believe that one can’t go wrong with these great types of thoughts that I have presented to you. I expect that once you begin to implement them, your actions will follow suit. And finally, your results will, in turn, be great! Good luck and success and greatness embrace you!

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Born in Detroit, MI in 1978, Myles W. Miller, President and CEO of Lion Heart Enterprises, is known to his friends and family as a hard-working, loving, kind, compassionate, creative, and inspirational young man. He is a dynamic teacher and personal coach, a compelling and prolific writer, a charismatic and transformational motivational speaker, a phenomenal talk show host, and just an all around good guy.

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