The Universal "Law of Attraction" states that one attracts to himself/herself those people, things,
conditions and experiences that match the beliefs one deeply holds in his/her Subconscious mind. These
deeply held beliefs are materializing as one's state of health, bank account, jobs, homes, girlfriends, wives,
friends, and everything else one experiences during one's journey in this physical dimension.

"The beliefs deeply held in our Subconscious minds are creating our own realities". The Law of Life
is the Law of Belief, which is another name for the universal Law of Attraction. That is a truth very few people
know and fully understand.

At this point, it is important to clarify that the Subconscious mind takes those beliefs deeply held and
'materializes' them AS your reality. Therefore, we could state that 'your beliefs are creating your reality'. More
accurately though, 'YOU are creating your reality through the beliefs you accept and hold in your subconscious
mind'. The 'beliefs' are the tools used by you for this creation. From this moment on, any time you encounter
an statement such as 'your beliefs are creating your reality',

Man must always materialize on all planes of existence the sum total of all the beliefs (both known and
unknown) he holds in his Subconscious mind.


Your Self-Image is how you see yourself and your world, what you feel about yourself and your world,
what you think about yourself and your world, what you believe about yourself and your world - in the INSIDE
of your head.

Your Self-Image is composed of what YOU see, think, feel and believe to be absolutely true about yourself
and your world, not just at the conscious level, but at the DEEPEST levels of your being, completely out of
your conscious awareness. It is the SUM TOTAL of your beliefs, values, rules, and their associated images,
sensations, feelings and emotions.

Another accurate name for your Self-Image is IDENTITY, your true ID. Your Self-Image is the
BLUEPRINT or PHOTOGRAPH OF YOU which you take with you wherever you go. Your Self-Image is the
type of person you believe you are, your Identity. It was recorded in your subconscious mind from what you
accepted as true or false about you and your world.

Your Self-Image DETERMINES whether you are healthy, or sick, whether you are rich or poor, whether
you attract or repel women, whether you are a winner or a loser, smart or super-smart or dumb. Your body,
affairs, finances, relationships and your whole world AT THIS PRECISE MOMENT are nothing but the VISIBLE,
physical materialization of your internal Self-Image.

Your Self-Image is the REAL you, your true IDENTITY. It determines what you can or cannot accomplish,
what you can or cannot have, what you attempt to achieve and what you avoid, what and how you think, your
attitudes and behaviors. It determines your state of health, the quality of your relationships, the "type" of women
and associates you attract, your "good" or "bad" luck, the amount of money in your bank account(s), what
types of talents, abilities and capabilities you possess, any positive or destructive habits. It determines whether
you are bold and outrageous or a shy, timid, insecure person. It dictates whether you are good at math or at
arts, or at nothing. It determines whether you are good at making money or you barely survive from one paycheck
to the next.


Your Self-Image can be divided in mini Self-Images, one for each different area of your life. The one
corresponding to the money/financial area is known as your financial Self-Image. Some refer to it as your
Financial Blueprint or Money Blueprint.

The very first and WRONG thing the great majority of people do in order to make more money is to frantically
and desperately buy every book and CD and try every 'get rich' program to work at home, make money at home,
make money online, make money on ebay, or invest in real estate, stocks and commodities. Thousands and
thousands of people already tried those programs, WORKED VERY HARD for a while, only to give up and FAIL
FAILURE. Most likely, YOU are one of them.

Most people have absolutely no CLUE that their financial futures are already pre-programmed WITHOUT THEIR
CONSENT AND KNOWLEDGE deep into their Subconscious computers, the personal on-board computers they
possess. Their financial Self-Images ('Money blueprints') are already SET for financial FAILURE.

Therefore, these people are money REPELLENTS, and no matter how much they learn, how much they know,
how smart they may think they are, what they do, how HARD they work, or what business they go into, they all
are doomed to FAIL again and again.

Is your Subconscious computer set/pre-PROGRAMMED to bring you a few hundreds, a few thousands, hundreds
of thousands, millions or billions of dollars?

I bet you that RIGHT NOW your Subconscious computer is SET for YOU to struggle and produce only a few
thousand dollars, maybe even less -- maybe even be constantly broke. The real terribly SAD news is that you will
NEVER make more money than the current settings in your Subconscious computer allows you to. That is why
you are having all sorts of money problems and limitations.

It doesn't matter what you try, what you do, how smart you think you are, how great your talents, abilities and
capabilities or what type of business you go into. Face the truth: your Subconscious computer is SET for
financial FAILURE. And financial FAILURE is all you will continue to get UNLESS you re-train it.

To get rid of your money problems once and for all, YOU must RE-TRAIN your Subconscious computer to make
you automatically THINK like a Millionaire by 'PROGRAMMING' into "IT" the Millionaire Mind Secrets of the
millionaires, multi millionaires and billionaires, and then SET "IT" to attract and make millions or billions, not just
thousands, or a few hundreds, or close to nothing -- like most people do. Anything else shall FAIL.


To help you do it, here is a short and simplified method you can follow immediately. (From "Be a Money Magnet,
Make Money Fast, Get Rich, Be a Millionaire - Millionaire Mind Reprogramming Course").

Find some peaceful, quiet time during which you will not be disturbed. Then, open your Workbook (or any notebook of your choice) and write as a title at the top of a brand new page:


Start by asking yourself these KEY questions in relationship to MONEY only. Your job is to write down
everything you see, think, feel and believe about yourself and MONEY. Write down everything, whether you
consider it positive or detrimental. Really go for it and dig as much information as possible from your
Subconscious computer.

1) "How/what do I feel/think/believe about myself and money?"
Now, write down in your Workbook everything that comes to your mind. Keep asking this question until you
exhaust all possible answers. When satisfied, proceed to the next key question.

2) "What am I like with money?"
Now, write down in your Workbook everything that comes to your mind. Keep asking this question until you
exhaust all possible answers. . When satisfied, proceed to the next key question.

3) "WHO am I like with money?"
Most likely, you follow the same 'financial' blueprint of your parents. Were they savers or spenders?
Maybe avoiders? (they tried to deal with money as little as possible) Did they know how to manage their money
or mismanaged it? Did they know about investments? Did they invest or not? Did they teach you how to handle
money? Are you duplicating their 'BAD' money habits? Now, write down in your Workbook everything that comes
to your mind. Keep asking this question until you exhaust all possible answers. When satisfied, proceed to the
next key question.

4) " What experiences do I remember that shaped my beliefs about money?"
Now, write down in your Workbook everything that comes to your mind. Keep asking this question until you
exhaust all possible answers. . When satisfied, proceed to the next key question

5) Is my Subconscious mind SET right now to earn./make hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars,
hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions?
Now, write down in your Workbook everything that comes to your mind. Keep asking this question until you are
certain you pinpoint the range of dollars your Subconscious mind will let you earn/make.

6) "Where does money come in following list?"
Put following VALUES in order of importance to you: Health, Love, Security, Safety, Comfort, Honesty, Money
(Financial Success), Integrity, Learning. If money is not among the top 3, then you give Money very little
importance, it is not important enough for you, which means you will always have little.

After you finish this exercise. Organize your List. Remove all those answers that are redundant. Combine 2-3
similar answers into one, if possible. Then, number each sequential item in your list. Finally, Place a (+) next to
each item you consider to be a PLUS to achieve financial success, and a (-) next to each item you consider to
be a MINUS,a DETRIMENT to achieve financial success.

This list is your MONEY BLUEPRINT in written format. All those (-) are limiting you in your ability to become more
financially successful. The more (-) you have, the more limited you are in your capability of achieving great
financial success. In simpler words, your Money Blueprint STINKS.

Unless and until you learn how to re-program and re-set your financial Self-Image (Money Blueprint) to success by
eliminating all those (-) MINUSES and adding the (+) PLUSES of the Millionaire Mind of multimillionaires, you will
continue having problems making more money. And FORGET about being a millionaire.

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