About fifteen years ago I had the pleasure of teaching a young woman who was one of the most gifted high school seniors I have ever met. Not only was she brilliant in Math and Science, but she was also extremely talented in the visual arts. She could draw and paint beautifully. When Audrey graduated from university she did so with two degrees, one in fine arts and one in biochemistry. Not too many people shine brilliantly in two such different areas of study. She was gifted.

Just before her highschool graduation Audrey presented me with a wonderful gift. It was a water colour painting of a mother and her infant. A tear fell from the mother’s eye as she looked lovingly at her precious child. Beneath the painting Audrey had written these words: “The love of God becomes real when, through me, it touches another.” What a beautiful gift from such a sensitive, talented woman. I immediately had the piece of art framed and hung in my office.

Years passed with many moves from one office to another. Somewhere in the process of changing locations I lost the painting of the mother and child. I had no idea how I lost it or where it was and had given up hope of ever seeing it again.

Last year, after about eight years of not knowing where my treasured painting was, I received a phone call from a former colleague who said she had something of mine she thought I would like returned. It was the picture Audrey had painted for me 15 years earlier. In cleaning out a storage room she had discovered my gift. I promise I won’t lose it a second time

When I reflect on what happened to my painting I am struck by how precious gifts, when lost, have a way of finding their way back to the people who treasure them the most. To any other the painting was just that, a painting. To me it spoke of a creative, intelligent, generous woman who gave her talent to me in appreciation for our paths crossing and connecting. Because of this obvious connection it found its way home to me. I have discovered this to be true of people as well. When you really love another, and you appear to lose them, they tend to find their way back to your love even if it takes years to do so. So we live in hope

I haven’t heard from Audrey in many years, but I know that, before our lives are over, she will come back into my life in some way. We will meet again.

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