A couple of months ago I wrote an article about the top ten web resources for Landmark Education. Since that time a number of sites, many of which offer reviews of Landmark Education's courses, have come to my attention that are also of value to anyone looking for more information. They include:

Leadership and Self Development


This site specifically focuses on projects that people have come up with out of taking Landmark Education's Self Expression and Leadership Program. Each story on the site is about a project that is making a difference in some community that the person taking the course is involved with.

My Landmark Experience


This link is to a review of the Landmark Forum written by a reporter from the Huffington Post, a leading politics and news blog.

43 Things


This website is about things people want to accomplish with their life, and this webpage is specifically about people have done the Landmark Forum or want to express their opinion about it.

My Landmark Story


People who have taken the Landmark Forum are invited to submit their experiences of the program to this site for visitors to read.

Landmark Education in Australia


Contrary to what the title might indicate, this is not an official Landmark Education blog, but rather a personal blog written by someone who has completed the Landmark Forum and has collected blog posts and other writings that relate to Landmark Education.

What's the Deal about Landmark (Dutch version)


The useful what's the deal about landmark site from the first article is mirrored here for Dutch speakers.

What's the Deal about Landmark (German version)


This site is also available in German.

Landmark Forum (Germany)


Another German website, this site features people who have taken the Landmark Forum in Germany sharing their experiences.

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A freelance writer, the author enjoys writing about inspiring people who make a difference in the world!