You are driven constantly to live an integrated multidimensional life that aligns all parts of yourself: mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. These different components of yourself develop gradually over an important six-month period beginning three months before your birth and continuing until three months after your birth.

The Mental part of you registers and focuses attention on your reality existence including interactions with people in your life in ways that you visibly recognize. For example as you move through your day, you might talk to a friend, read a book, drive your car, or schedule an appointment. The mental world in which you live brings you closer to goals you want to manifest. The everyday world is the world you usually think of when you talk about your “life.”

The Spiritual part of yourself connects you with a deep part of your core Self that expands beyond your mind. It is a world that functions during sleep and dreams, connecting during these times, and during meditations, as a receiver for universal consciousness. You are greater than the limits of your awareness and you process all kinds of nonverbal communication deep within your cells. Information beyond your awareness filters into you for interpretation in all areas of your life. This part of you drives you toward your highest purpose and destiny in life.

The Emotional part of you aims at raising your consciousness to its highest level of emotional understanding. During each day you enter into relationships and deal with many situations that challenge you to transform your feelings so you interpret your experiences in ways that elevate your awareness and broaden it beyond your current understanding. Challenges bring you in touch with your limiting beliefs and lead you to recognition of those beliefs. When you focus your awareness on limiting beliefs, you can shift your limitations and move beyond them. This transformative process is at work in humans whether they acknowledge it or not.

The Physical part of you balances your hormones and physiology functioning for the most part beneath your conscious awareness. Although you connect to your biology as a human being through your body, every moment of your life much more is going on in your chemistry and neurology than you can begin to comprehend. Most of your hormones and cellular processes operate outside of your awareness and are outside of your control. Nevertheless, you can affect a great deal about how you function in your physical life.

Throughout the day cosmic energy imprints you in ways similar to the imprinting that took place during the six months of your critical development. By understanding your predispositions as a Multidimensional being, you can perceive and transform your responses and interpretations, aligning and balancing your life in order to become one with your true Self.

By recognizing the seeds of truth in diverse perspectives you can correct errors of perception or how you approach your life. When you eliminate your limiting beliefs, you fulfill your maximum human potential.

When you have a multidimensional perspective of your life, you see yourself in a broad context. Because planetary energy often remains fairly stable for a few days while the planets work their way through their planetary position, you recognize forces acting upon you energetically. Transform limitation into enhanced awareness by Looking at the Calendar of Type. Learn how much impact the cosmic energy has in each area of your life.

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Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D. passionately brings together esoteric wisdom and scientific discovery. She received her Ph.D. from The University of Chicago, Department of Comparative Human Development. Eleanor uniquely integrates her background and training in the Social Sciences (psychology, biology, anthropology, sociology) with a wide array of esoteric studies.

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