Most people are distracted and pressured by a plethora of concerns related to work, family, community and personal experiences, most of which they perceive they cannot control. Stress management is a misnomer, in that something that can be managed needs to be in your direct control.

The first step in understanding the role stress plays in your life is to remember, stress is a perception. When your stressors are channeled properly, it can help push you toward your best outcome. However, if not channeled properly, a stressor can create havoc.

Taking time to step away from all the daily activities to revitalize, rejuvenate and renew your mind, body and spirit can do wonders to help channel stressors properly.

The following exercise can be done nearly anywhere anytime, without any equipment or special talent or skills.

Slowly take in a deep breath until your lungs feel expanded and comfortably tight—then, slowly release the breath—blow out all the air until your lungs feel emptied. Relax and begin breathing from the diaphragm. Imagine that you are floating in time and space. Imagine being suspended there, with nothing to do and nowhere to go. As you continue to envision this, continue to breathe and relax. Suspend your thoughts and enjoy the perfection of this exquisite moment.

Hold that vision for 15 seconds. This allows your energy system (aura and chakras) to renew, revitalize, and rejuvenate. A wonderful gift you can give yourself anytime of the day. You deserve it!

Knowing that you can change your circumstances allows you a sense of empowerment. If your stress perception has reached the point of hopelessness or helplessness, you may need to seek professional help.

Author's Bio: 

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Author, 101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life, specializes in: Mind, Body, Spirit healing. As an inspirational leader, Dr. Neddermeyer empowers people to view life's challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening.