On a beautiful summer day a couple of years ago, a woman came to me with a simple problem. She wanted to find her true love but she did not want to change anything in her otherwise successful life. She did not belong to any social groups or health clubs, and her only friends lived many miles away in other cities.

Normally, to shake people out of a rut, you simply get them to try doing something new. But this time we were talking about love. Not just any love mind you, but true love, the kind of love that fairy tales are made from.

As fate would have it, I was teaching a workshop where two college girls approached me with a similar question. They spent most of their time in the library studying. Because of the pressures of school, they just did not have time to dedicate to the pursuit of what they considered a frivolous fancy.

Sure it would have been easy to give these love lost women a rousing pep talk about changing their lifestyles or social networking and send them on their way. But, except for one missing piece, they were shining examples of people living their dream lives.

There is magic in this universe. They just needed to know where to look.

Love is everywhere. You never know where or when Cupid’s arrow is going the strike. Simply, they all had to open themselves to the possibility of love in their otherwise enchanted lives.

I guess love was in the air, or perhaps good things come in threes because a couple of days later, yet another woman asked me the same question. This time my motivational speech was prepared. I explained that we are all on different paths in life. Where one person finds love is not necessarily the same for everyone.

Happy ending. The last woman called me the very next day with a youthful joy in her voice. “Sonny,” she said, “I met someone on my way home from your office yesterday. Tonight we’re going out for dinner. I’m a little nervous, but you were right. There is magic in this universe. And thanks for understand. Nerds need love too.”

Author's Bio: 

Collin is the current Director of Hypnosis Vancouver and Hypnosis Toronto. As a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Collin is a Master Hypnotist and a certified NLP Counsellor.

As an author, Collin's hypnosis scripts have been compiled into a book specifically for hypnotists, “Hypnosis Scripts for Emotional Change and Healing”.

His newest book is a combination workbook and guided meditation CD designed for the general public titled, “Emotional Weight Loss”.

Also known as The "Love Hypnotist" for his work using Hypnosis to help relationship difficulties, Collin is the creator of the "Romantic Magic" series of hypnotic meditations and "The Inner Game Guys" workshop for men.

As a member of Mensa, Collin Rosati is one of the brightest young minds in Canada. Demystifying hypnosis and Mind Control, join Collin as he takes hypnosis into the real world.