Have you ever met a person and said "I know their type"?

On meeting people for the first time you believe you can "read" them. You make a snap decision that they are a good or bad person, honest and trustworthy or sly and unscrupulous.

You might label them as a loser or a victim, maybe a winner and a success. From the way they act you see them as confident and bold or shy and reserved.

But what you are seeing and subsequently reading is the personality or "mask" that they are putting on for public display.

We all have different masks or personas that we use for different situations.

Think about the personality you use at work compared to that at a party. How you act with family or friends compared to how you display yourself with colleagues or clients.

Then after time or a number of meetings the person you so quickly judged seems like a different person altogether. You've gotten to know another side of them. Maybe your first impression of them was wrong.

It is not so easy 'knowing' a person, but sometimes there is something harder...

Ask yourself this: Do you really know yourself? I mean really know yourself, your limits of endurance or persistence, patience or assertiveness?

I'll relate to you a personal experience I had recently that told me something about myself, something positive that I can use to develop myself further.

I was on holidays with my family in a cabin by the beach.

I have just started running to keep myself healthy and I usually do about five kilometers running around the neighborhood near my home.

I didn't want to lose any conditioning from the work I had already done so I decided that I'd keep running while on my vacation. And running in crisp morning air along the beach would be invigorating.

With all the sights and senses distracting me, I would find myself running for longer, and twice the distances I had been conditioned to previously.

Distances that my mind never thought my body could not achieve!

After contemplating that for I while I had to ask myself, "What else does my 'mind' think I cannot do?"

What other limitations is my conscious thinking putting on myself that is a barrier to me achieving something more, something greater or truly satisfying?

For one thing it would stop me judging others, reading or perceiving others. If I don't really know myself, how could I possibly make a judgment on someone else?

And another... the search for ones limits can be a rewarding and sometimes mind blowing experience.

Even if you never find them! (And I hope you don't).

Because searching for your limits, discovering that they don't really exist then pushing beyond previous expectations is one of the foundations of self-improvement and personal growth.

So here's to never finding your limits on your way to becoming Famous By Morning!

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Mark Lewis is the owner of KMS Productions and webmaster at famousbymorning.com - A site for quality online videos that value the essence of the story. Find helpful videos of personal growth at famousbymorning.com/personal-growth.htm