As a Canadian-American, New Zealand always appeared magical in my mind whenever I heard about the country or met Kiwis. I took a month long solo odyssey traveling through NZ in December 2004. As I explored NZ, I also explored my own inner landscape which caused many wonderful changes for me. It became the most enlightening journey of my life! For many years I have taught Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. After traveling through NZ, I truly believe NZ is a living, breathing expression of these Spiritual Laws!

The following are my thoughts about the Spiritual Laws and life in New Zealand…..

1. LAW OF PURE POTENTIALITY – Stop Doing, Start Being

Life is forever transforming with new beginnings because we each have unlimited possibilities!

In NZ, you are reminded of new life and new beginnings everywhere because the Maori KORU is a national symbol. It is the fern as it opens every spring. Air New Zealand as well as many other organizations use the Koru symbol.

Surround yourself in nature every day to remind yourself who you really are!

The astounding, awesome natural beauty of NZ reminds you of the glory of being alive and being human! The wonderful climate allows for many outdoor activities. Connecting with nature on a regular basis reminds us to be like nature and not always be doing!

2. LAW OF GIVING – The More You Give, The More You Receive

Surround yourself with people who support you!

I believe Kiwis to be one of the kindest, most helpful, caring groups of people I have ever met anywhere in the world. They have strong family ties. People honour each other; show affection and appreciation more than most.

Value other people as you value yourself!

There is no tipping needed in NZ as everyone is honoured and paid fairly. All tips are included in the price of the services. Rather than working hard and not getting paid with a tip from a grumpy customer, everyone is valued which eliminates negativity and hurt feelings.

3. LAW OF KARMA OR CAUSE & EFFECT- Create Your Future with Your Current Choices

Choose happiness by respecting your pure childlike qualities!

Driving on the left side of the road and shifting gears with the left hand causes most people to be in touch with a rarely used, wonderful part of them - our childlike, artistic part of our brain. Accessing the non-dominant part of the brain rather than the ego, aids us in making choices that create a better future.

Trust, respect, and honour others as you would like to be treated, and you will create a future of trust and honour!

As I traveled throughout NZ, I noticed people were very trusting. They do not live in paranoia. We need to be mindful of our present choices, as they create our tomorrows! I chose to be trustworthy and to trust others, which created a safe journey!

4. LAW OF LEAST EFFORT – Do Less, Accomplish More

Honesty and openness is the best policy!

The price tag on an item in NZ is the total price you pay. It includes the tax with nothing hidden. No surprises! So simple!

Keep life SIMPLE and EFFORTLESS like nature does!

I noticed many services, and processes were very simple; such as cell phones, renting cars, renting hotel rooms, etc. You are not charged for incoming calls on your cell! Setting up my new cell phone was effortless! Having simplicity in your life leaves room for more creativity with much less frustration!

Surround yourself in nature’s positive energy and your life will flow effortlessly!

There are few creatures that can harm you in NZ. There are no bears, deadly bugs, snakes, etc. Thus, people can experience nature more easily. Observing how effortless nature is reminds us to be in our natural state of joy, acceptance, and to be more responsible for ourselves!

5. LAW OF INTENTION & DESIRE – Accept the Present, Intend the Future

Conserve our Earth’s resources for our future!

The great water saving technique in NZ is having two different kinds of toilet flushes, full and half. This is only one of the ways I have noticed that New Zealanders are committed to conserving our earth’s resources. Thought, intention and desires followed by action have the power to transform our future!

Take time to rest, smell the flowers and see the beauty in your life!

The fact that many cars in NZ do not have cruise control means you get to stop, rest, smell the flowers. Cruise control allows us to slide along without being connected to the events around us. Don’t just cruise through life with little attention to the present moment! When we take the time to notice and accept the present, we can observe our desires and release our intentions to create a better life!

6. LAW OF DETACHMENT - Step Into the Unknown World of Infinite Possibilities

Life is a series of events with more to come even if you can’t see it now!

Unlike most countries, New Zealand is comprised of two different islands. When you stand on the shore of the South Island at Picton, you cannot see the North Island. Only trust gets you on the ferry when you cannot visually see where you are going! What a great reminder that there is more to life than what we may see at the time! If we trust and walk the bridge from the known to the unknown, we find there is a whole new world that is just out of our sight!

Bungy jumping started in NZ!

Bungy jumping is the ultimate practice of committing to detachment from the outcome with involvement! Before you take the leap, you get the right advice, supervision, safety equipment, etc. After you do your best to prevent a negative outcome to your leap, you detach from that outcome, intend for a great experience and trust that all will be well as you step off into the world of possibilities! Applying this technique to our life creates amazing journeys!

7. LAW OF DHARMA – Follow Your Purpose in Life

Honour other people’s paths as we wish to be honoured for our path!

In NZ, the road signs read “Give Way” not “Yield”. Usually these signs are found in front of the many one-lane bridges. We need to remember to honour others as we each travel our own path. These one-lane bridges are maintained rather than replaced with two-lane bridges. To me, they are reminders to be ourselves without allowing others to influence us as we travel our path. Just follow your bliss!

All of these laws work with the universal law of attraction. When we follow the above laws, the universe gives us more of the same! I now live in this glorious country!

Author's Bio: 

Barbara Ann Guiney is the author of ‘Natural Options’, a corporate motivational speaker, consultant, and researcher in natural healthcare for more than 30 years. She has incorporated her extensive experience, training, and knowledge to inspire and empower people to enjoy better wellbeing. Barbara has been certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra as a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor; certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue and the American Hypnotherapy Board as a Certified Spiritual Counselor; and she is a Certified NLP practitioner with Eriksonian Hypnotherapy. Barbara is the creator of Soul Energy Clearing and co-creator of Universal Balancing and Link.

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