It is true that sometimes we have to struggle to get where we want to be, but it doesn’t always have to be this way.

When we are amidst trouble and strife, we inherently search the horizon for more. Doing so brings only long term misery, which serves no one.

Can you live this way? Many do – on a daily basis. They always seek a quick fix to get them out of a bind. And yet, they end up back where they were in the first place. Why do they put themselves through this over and over again? The answer is that they don’t consciously wish to repeat a mistake, but their subconscious does. Yes, you read that correctly.

Isn’t our subconscious all knowing? If it were, why on earth would it want failure? The answer is simple… it seeks what it knows. If your subconscious knows no other than heartache, it will seek the same.

We, as humans are the same way. We stick with what we know even when we can fully acknowledge the fact that something isn’t working for us.

How can we stop this detrimental behavior? Look truthfully at yourself and answer these questions… “Is this good for my soul growth?” “I’m going to be judged upon this act. What will be the verdict?” If you can fully and truthfully answer positively to these questions then you’re on the right track.

Even though it’s common for there to be discomfort when going through your lessons, you don’t always have to suffer to make progress. The choices you make, if from the heart, will never serve you wrong. And sometimes there’s more to gain in that than the actual desired outcome.

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Rev. Lisa Bousson, minister, psychic medium, author, instructor and lecturer, shares her in-sight in regard to spiritual growth, enlightenment, and psychic development. As a non-denominational Christian minister, Rev. Bousson thinks outside of the box when discussing Jesus, life lessons, universal laws and the bible. Her empowering messages will help you find comfort in your life - even amid the tragedies.

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