There is no question that quartz crystals are very special. They have been revered throughout the ages as symbols of beauty, health and often power. The latter is sometimes referred to as key to the rise and fall of the mythical civilization of Atlantis. More recently quartz crystals have been associated within New Age circles and applications to holistic health, meditation and personal growth.

Let us first explore the science behind the mystique of quartz crystals. There are many types of natural quartz crystals. The most common ones are amethyst, citrine, rose, smoky and clear. Natural quartz is composed of silicon dioxide molecules. Quartz consisting solely of silicon dioxide is known as clear quartz. The other members of the quartz family are variations. In addition to the fundamental silicon dioxide structure, they also have chemical impurities that were present when the crystal formed. For example amethyst has impurities of manganese oxides, which gives it the typical purple color.

A natural crystal by definition means it has a very regular arrangement of atoms. In quartz these atoms vibrate at a very stable frequency. These characteristics make quartz an excellent receptor and emitter of electromagnetic waves. This is why quartz is commonly used in radios, watches, and numerous electronic technologies. One interesting characteristic of quartz crystal can be observed when electricity is applied to it. The quartz will begin to vibrate which in turn causes the quartz to produce its own weak electric current. This is taken advantage of in the workings of a typical quartz watch.

Quartz crystals are not just found in alternative bookstores and new age circles. In truth, the humble quartz crystal is a major element in today's technological revolution. The conversion of quartz crystals into silicon chips has transformed the world. Quartz has made the digital age possible. It has given us computers, mobile phones and communication breakthroughs. Vast pieces of information to be brought together in a precisely organized way with the silicon chips of a computer.

One of the early pioneers of silicon chip technology was Nobel prize-winning scientist Marcel Vogel. He made a discovery while working as a research scientist for IBM that shook to the core the belief systems of his scientific peers. Vogel discovered that not only can crystals be programmed as silicon chips in a computer, but they also can be programmed with thought. A person sitting at a computer inputs his thoughts through a keyboard. This is stored in the computer's silicon chips via the medium of electricity. Vogel reasoned that like electricity, thought is a form of energy, which is given direction by our intention. He concluded that crystals could also be programmed without the need for electricity, by using just thoughts or clear intention. Vogel designed a multitude of experiments to validate his quantum theories. Like all groundbreaking alternative scientists, the mainstream scientific community ostracized him.

The ability of quartz crystals to transform energy and be programmed by clear thought patterns is being used by many holistic healers, reiki masters and spiritual teachers to assist individuals in their pursuit of a healthy and happy life. Whether psychological or actual, the fact is many individuals report positive results. Yet, there are those that might consider this magic.

Armed with the concepts of quantum physics, the group at N and N Associates Inc. has recently completed work to take the science of quartz crystals to a new level and demonstrate the efficacy and validity of using quartz crystals to promote holistic health. The group has extensively researched key universal vibrational (energy) patterns. These patterns are considered to be the cornerstone of the matrix between the physical universe and the creative life force. N and N has developed a special combination of these patterns that they use to program clear quartz crystals. One of the components of the programming makes the patterns self-regenerating so the crystals never need the traditional “periodic energy cleansing”.

This work has resulted in the company’s developing a cutting-edge technology called the Living Om™. This technology is being used to create the holistic jewelry product line called the Sunphire®. Endorsed by doctors, yoga teachers and reiki masters, it has been tested at a holistic medical clinic in a three month long blind study. The results proved that when worn consistently, Sunphire jewelry balances and improves chakra energy and acupuncture meridian energy, when compared to those wearing a placebo. This breakthrough represents the newest frontier of interactive holistic jewelry designed to assist individuals to energize, find balance and joyful calm. Made for everyday wear Sunphire jewelry uses natural energies to dynamically support a balanced mind-body state. It is beneficial to meditation, yoga, reiki, massage and all day to day holistic lifestyles.

In conclusion, we could summarize that quartz crystals are truly unique. There is no question that they can learn and reproduce simple, yet powerful patterns, as demonstrated by today’s digital technology. Recent work has also proven the validity of using quartz crystals to promote holistic health. While in some circumstances it might be argued that quartz crystals are magical, the power behind quartz crystals has been amply demonstrated using sound science.

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Daniel Noyes, M.S. is the founder of N and N Associates Inc. and creator of Living OM™ holistic jewelry. He has been a student and teacher of holistic and spiritual practices for over 20 years. Daniel has a Masters degree in Biochemistry and Botany and has been recognized by Marquis' "Who's Who in Science and Engineering". You can learn more about the Sunphire® products at