A few years ago it seemed like everyone had a shirt, a hat, or a bumper sticker that said no fear. I have even heard more than enough men in my time say the words, "I don't fear anyone or anything." First of all I want to start off by laughing, then mentioning the fact that all of those people are full of it.

First of all, anyone who says that they aren't afraid of anyone or anything or has a no fear anything either just doesn't care at all about anyone or anything, or they have just never been there. I understand that it is considered a sign of weakness in our society as a man to show any type of fear. I think that is crap to start off with, however, I have no problem admitting that if someone put a gun to my face with their finger on the trigger that I would have enough pee running down my leg to make my shoe squish when I walk.

But this article isn't about that kind of fear or courage. It's not about whether or not you can go to combat and not be afraid or if you can jump a 200 foot canyon on a bicycle with a smile on your face. No, this isn't what this article is about at all. It's about fearlessness, real fearlessness. The kind that really makes a difference at the end of the day, or a life for that matter.

The kind of courage or fearlessness I'm talking about is not the street level no fear type. The type I am talking about is the real deal fearlessness that has nothing to do with feeling fear or not. It's the type of fearlessness that does what needs to be done regardless of how fearful we may be. The type that is able to get the correct results and face the necessary evils that need to be faced regardless of how horrible they may be or how horrible they may make us feel.

The kind of courage most people never have, the type of fearlessness that really matters, is the courage and fearlessness to look in the mirror and face the truth about ourselves. The ability to really dig deep into the corners and parts of our being and psyche that will make a real difference in our lives when it really counts.

See, most people will never be able to really say no fear or any other stuff like that because they never developed the courage to face themselves. To come to terms with the good and the bad within them. The right and wrong things they have done and said. The fearlessness to go inside and the courage to work on those things that need to be improved upon.

To change the lying, manipulating nature of yourself. To get off your butt and admit that you are lazy. To stay awake longer and get up earlier in order to get real results in your life. To take an extra hour for your spouse and your children. To put the frustration and anger away when you don't get what you want or when you get interrupted when you are getting what you want.

The courage, and the fearlessness, to really take a look in the mirror and realize that the person staring back has created your life exactly as it is. The good in it, the bad in it, the things you want and don't want. That the person staring back in the mirror has created all of that, and has allowed you to become the person you are right here and right now. That only the person in the mirror can change any of that.

To me, this is real fearlessness. This is real courage. This is what we need to create among the people of our society. The ability, the strength, and the willingness to go deeper and far beyond what most people will. Few people ever learn anything after they are five years old. Be someone who has the fearlessness and courage to become more, to do more, to have more than the average person settles for. To simply rise above and be a common person who does things uncommonly well in a world where average and mediocre is acceptable.

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