Wow, she is gorgeous. Blond, comfortable, fun looking. And, driving a 69 Camaro! I love the paint job; a creamy yet rich yellow color, with a wide black strip across the top. Gotta be custom. Is it a Z28? WHAM.

The gawker rear-ended the Camaro.

The back window of the Camaro shattered and fell out. The driver pulled over, turned off the car, and got out. So did the gawking, now dumbfounded, guy who hit her. They were 20 feet from a busy 4 way intersection, downtown. Other drivers put on the brakes and reduced their speed to get around the mess. People were admiring or shaking their heads at the folly. Pedestrians began crowding around, curious over the spectacle.

The gorgeous blond held her ground. She knew this affair was going to be dealt with quickly and correctly. Although completely aware of the man’s inanity, she purged her mind of blame. She blocked out the mounting interference coming from the crowd. The police were called. It was hot outside. Hot. The gorgeous blond did not react to the heat or the man’s rambling. Yes, his car’s front end was bashed in real good by the heavy weighted Camaro, but she was unimpressed. She began an orderly process of making sure they stood where it was safe and began exchanging information. The police came, followed up on the business and they all dispersed.

Quite often situations come up that demand our immediate and concentrated effort. And, if we don’t give focused attention, the situation lingers or worsens. The circumstance can be a child’s escalating tantrum, a frantic co-worker, or a failing body. However, as the mind systematically stays uninterrupted by human surface perceptions, a person can manifest perpetual forward movement. A mess can dissolve with impeccable thought, untainted by self-will, timidity, or resentment. From 21st Century Science and Health, “Thought is attracted toward Soul and as a result, superficial perceptions and the body do not become distractions.”

Anytime people get attracted to the external impressions, they really are being distracted away from Soul, our source of nonstop progressive expression. The distraction away from Soul causes mental blocks to be felt. Or, embarrassing situations can be created. This is needless however, because there is a force that strikes our human beingness with the power to look within and know a decent outcome.

There is no question that the human mind can be befuddled or punch-drunk for no apparent reason. Therefore, Christ Jesus constantly brought attention to our ability to know perpetual care and health. Once, when a large hungry crowd was coming toward him, Christ Jesus asked Philip where they should buy bread to feed the crowd. “He said this to test him, for he himself knew what he was going to do.” (John 6::6) Philip went into brain-freeze mode. He began rambling on about how many months it would take someone to work at a job to pay for the food necessary to feed the crowd. But Peter, standing alongside, was a bit more savvy (or in other words, a bit less distracted by human scheming and numbers), at least looked at what they did have, instead of what they didn’t have, and found some bread and two fish. Yet Peter, although willing to rely on ontological realism, still fell back on his calculations. This adding of physical food stopped his mind from receiving a full answer from God, and he confessed the small amount of food could not feed so many people. Then there was Christ, fully realized by Jesus who knew spiritual food was endless.

Christ Jesus held his ground. He demanded order, the crowd was told to sit. Undistracted by the curious, the doubtful, the oblivious, Jesus gave thanks. The food increased exponentially as it was shared. Everyone ate and they had leftovers.

Soul, and its unending supply of ideas, allows us to regroup immediately. We can manifest clear thinking and prove Soul endlessly expressing order. As our thought is focused on Soul, we can participate in the defeat of distractions, disorders, and any downward spiral movement. Every day we can take the opportunity to join forces with the perpetual movement forward.

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Cheryl Petersen's book, 21st Century Science and Health can be found online at Healing Science Today