Good experiences are just waiting to be had, if you are open to receiving them that is, and equally open to giving good karma out to get it! Here’s some things you could try doing to get the universe ‘working for you’ rather than ‘against you’ if you have fallen into a trap of being impatient and stressed out too much of the time.

Wave to the roadside workers
These guys (and increasingly gals) have a tough job standing for long periods in the rain hail and blazing sun directing traffic. Giving them a wave of thanks shows you respect what they are doing and that you are simply acknowledging them for helping to keep you safe.

Let drivers in!
Driving from A to B doesn’t have to be the stressful experience so many people make it these days. It can actually be a great opportunity to send out good karma, do a kind deed for another driver – get a smile or a wave you wouldn’t otherwise have received, which can only be a good thing with the sometimes unavoidable stresses we face daily. You know how nice it is when someone ‘lets you in’ so return the favour. Kindness really does make the world go around.

Pull over if someone is tailgating you / Don’t be a tailgater!!
If you are one of those people who drives well below the speed limit, show Courtesy to ‘normal’ drivers and pull over into designated passing zones and always travel in the left hand lane. Equally if you have a slight lead foot and often find yourself close to other cars, then pull back and think to yourself “This is seriously not going to get me to where I need to get significantly faster”. Just let the car in front go the speed they are choosing to go and let go of any views, thoughts, and especially expletives that go through your mind. You will get where you want to go in a better state of mind, which will improve the chances of a good day, rather than a self-imposed bad one.

Forgive the unforgivable
Similar to “the truth will set you free”; forgiving someone you really think is impossible to forgive - the results will set you free. The important thing to remember is the act of forgiveness is more about you than the person, and that it is not condoning what they did. It is about letting go of the hurt and anger that is held in your body and mind weighing you down enormously in the process. Most people have no idea just how much. It’s good Karma for you to accept what’s happened to be able to live into the future with better Karma options – it may sound strange but it’s true!!

Think about people at their best
It’s easy to think negatively about people who act negatively. Most of us have light and shadow within our personalities –it’s never black or white and we all therefore exhibit good and bad qualities – obviously some more than others. It is those that for whatever reason do this most often need our compassion and to think the best of them. Good karma comes from thinking about people in their best light. Conversely it makes sense that if you ruminate about someone’s shortfalls then that is what you will see in your minds eye and then what you get in reality.

I have unexpectedly good stuff happen all the time - as do Jules and Deb, and I think it’s at least partly because we consciously do good deeds on a daily basis. It certainly can’t hurt so why wouldn’t you!?

Author's Bio: 

Claire McFee is author of Organize Your Life and co-Creator of the new Organize Your Life e-Organizers. Claire has a ~10years experience helping people get more out of life by being more organized and improving their mindset. Claire is also a speaker and has been extensively showcased on TV and other mediums.