How important is our Breath?

• 60% of our energy comes from our Breath.

• Most of us utilize only 15-25% of our breathing capacity at any given time and are often in a state of oxygen (and therefore energy) deprivation.

• The vast majority of us are ‘shallow breathers’ who breathe solely in our upper chests.

It can be hugely helpful to learn how to use the respiratory system to greater effect. The benefits are experienced almost immediately and when practiced regularly can greatly enhance your health.

Abdominal Breathing

Transformational Breathing starts with learning how to breathe into your abdomen. This is sometimes referred to as ‘belly breathing’. Right now, as you’re reading this imagine you have a balloon in your stomach and as you inhale inflate the balloon as much as you can and then exhale slowly letting the balloon deflate. Continue breathing slowly and fully in this manner for a minute or so and notice how you feel as a result. Typical effects are feelings of relaxation and calm. Breathing in this way will increase the amount of oxygen and energy coming into your system allowing you to utilize as much as 50% of your total capacity. Taking five minutes a day to breathe in this way is a really worthy investment.

Transformational Breathing

To make even greater use of your respiratory capacity you can learn a breathing technique called Transformational Breathing (TFB). Transformational Breathing is easy to learn and allows one to access 100% of their respiratory capacity thereby bringing far greater amounts of oxygen and energy into the body. This has numerous beneficial effects on one’s physical, mental-emotional and spiritual well-being.

TFB is at the cutting edge of breath work today. It receives much acclaim throughout the world from both the mind body spirit community as well as more traditional health practitioners. One psychiatrist on completion of his first session believed it to be ‘’the equivalent of two years worth of traditional therapy’’ whilst a well-respected Tibetan Rinpoche said that the technique was ‘a short-cut to enlightenment’.

Given the popularity of ‘oxygen-enhanced’ products on the high street, in the form of moistuisers and bottled waters, TFB represents the logical next step, give that it works at a cellular level, from the inside out.

How does TFB differ from yogic breathing techniques?

TFB differs from yogic techniques (pranayamas) in a number of ways primarily because it utilizes 100% of the respiratory system thereby bringing much greater levels of oxygen and energy into the body than is otherwise experienced with yogic breathing. Yogis who practice TFB are often amazed at how powerful their experiences are. Subsequently it has been referred to as the ‘21st century Pranayama’ (Yoga Magazine, October 2006).

Transformational Breathing is beneficial on a number of levels.

Physically - increases lymphatic efficiency, improves immune function and increases levels of cell oxygenation which reverses the ageing process. Releases endorphins and serotonin into the bloodstream promoting an increased sense of well-being and centeredness, bringing you out of your head and into your body.

Mental/Emotional - Transformational Breathing allows one to reduce stress levels, clear past traumas, create more peace and clarity and enhance creativity.

Spiritual - TFB allows us to access higher levels of consciousness resulting in enhanced connection to the ‘Self’, easier meditations, and increased capacity for joy and wellbeing.

Who can use Transformational Breathing?

TFB is safe for everybody irrespective of age, health or fitness level. It doesn’t require any special equipment, however most people begin with a facilitated session after which they will have enough knowledge and technique for safe self-practice.

Why do individuals practice TFB ?

Some people use it to help a specific medical condition. For others it’s a method of boosting energy levels, whilst many find it an effective antidote to stress and anxiety. It can also be used to enhance cardiovascular performance or simply to maintain optimum health. Many practitioners find it to be a highly effective vehicle for spiritual exploration.

TFB has also been used successfully in the treatment of addictions, depression, and post-traumatic stress syndrome. Individuals prone to respiratory problems have also experienced significant benefits as a result of practicing the technique.

TFB has also proved an effective treatment for individuals suffering from cancers, hypertension and heart disease, all of which require poor levels of oxygenation within the body in order to gain a foothold. Judith Kravitz, the developer of the technique, healed a cancerous throat tumour in six months after which she dedicated herself to promoting the benefits of transformational breathing throughout the world.

Author's Bio: 

Alan Dolan is a transformational breath facilitator based in Lanzarote, Spain , where he runs Breathing Space holidays. He trained with the founder of the technique, Dr Judith Kravitz, initially in the USA and subsequently in England. Alan visits the UK and Eire on a regular basis to conduct introductory workshops and client sessions. Find out more by visiting or