It is very easy to thank God
When things are going your way
The car is in good condition
And the spouse or children are okay

When the sun is bright and shining
The rain cools off a hot day
When someone politely greets you
An unexpected blessing comes your way

Is it only on bright sunny days
You find a praise to sing?
Must someone always smile first?
Before you say or do a kind thing?

Must you always be in good health?
Before you thank God above
You are here by His mercy
Salvation by grace and love

Thank God in the victorious life
And even when life seems low
Thank Him in times of abundance
In times when things seem slow

Oh, it is very easy to thank God
On days when things go wrong
Pray! Praise! Rejoice and Sing!
Give Him Thanks in everything!
© by Nikki Jourdan

Nikki Jourdan, writer, poet, exhorter, publisher

Author's Bio: 

Nikki Jourdan is a Christian contemporary inspirational writer, exhorter, poet, speaker and publisher. Her expertise is wisdom for spiritual growth and personal development. She is known as The "Choose Love Lifestyle Expert." Ms. Jourdan exhorts busy leaders to face, endure and overcome anything in life; especially abuse, by the power of God's unconditional love.