There's a word I've been using a lot this year - POWER-FILLED. I know it doesn't exist in today's dictionaries but it's a word I started using in connection to the choices I, my colleagues, and clients make on a regular basis that CONFIRM the life we have said we want to create.

To be FILLED and CONNECTED with your divine power is to be filled and connected with clarity, purpose, compassion and love. This POWER in no way hurts another, including yourself, and GIVES life to all.

This type of power doesn't tear down dreams, it builds them up. It doesn't diminish those it comes into contact with, it lifts them up. It doesn't set out to make others wrong, but to build bridges.

How do you know if you're power-filled? Only you can answer that question. Only you know, when you look in the mirror, what your intentions are behind your words and actions.

If you don't like what you see please don't be too hard on yourself. No one is perfect and there are times we all act out of alignment with our divine power. What makes us do so? One word: FEAR

* Fear of not being good enough.
* Fear of being rejected.
* Fear of not being special.
* Fear of not being loved.

FEAR is the one thing that will stop your best intentions to connect, love, create beautiful friendships, prosperity and vibrant health. Fear is what gets in between you and what you want.

Your fears formed long ago with one instinctual keep your soft heart safe until the day you could start trusting your wise inner SELF. Fear is the veil that keeps you separate from what you want.

The good news is the veil can be lifted. The veil that protects you can melt away in an instant. It can melt away into the ether and WILL once you realize you can trust in your SELF to make empowering choices for your life. Fear will melt away when you believe in your divinity and worthiness. The veil will lift when you realize YOU are so much more than the outside world gives you credit for. The veil will lift as you courageously trudge through your fears, beliefs and old wounds that keep you separate from your divine right to live a glorious life.

You don't have to earn the right to live a power-filled life...your humanity makes you worthy. You don't have to be someone you're not because you're already just right.

Self trust comes as a result of saying YES to your deepest soul desires. Self trust comes as a result of doing the work you need to do to take care of your soft heart. As you venture out past your fears you gain trust in your own inner guidance system. With every step you take, trust in your SELF will grow stronger.

THAT is living a power-filled life. Living any other way is the same as settling for less than the life you were born to live.

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