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Disadvantages of PowerPoint
PowerPoint presentation can work only on computer having Windows Operating system and Microsoft PowerPoint installed in it. Also there are some problems due to system version conflicts. Your PowerPoint presentation is not going to work because of incorrect operating system version.

Don't worry, here is a solution. You can convert PowerPoint to video, it can be played on any operating system.and it is your final presentaion.

Still confused? Take a look at advantages of converting PowerPoint to video

First of all, you know that PowerPoint can only be played on PC with Microsoft PowerPoint installed, and sometimes it must be the right PowerPoint version with right operating system, if any of them has problem, your PowerPoint presentation plan can become a deadlocked, but if you convert PowerPoint to video formats, you don't need to worry about it, since video formats can be played on any PC or Mac system. Where video is played means your PowerPoint can be shown.

The next thing is many gadgets like iPod, iPhone, Zune support certain video format; you can import the converted PowerPoint video presentation and then view your PowerPoint presentation on them.Some famous websites like YouTube are support video upload, which gives you a way to share your PowerPoint presentation with others!

Besides, if you want to protect your PowerPoint from others edit, you can convert them to video and sent to others, what they can do is just watching!
I only list some of the advantages, I think there should be more, explore yourself

Free way for Converting PowerPoint to video
Bill Gates didn¡¯t provide plug-in into Microsoft PowerPoint, which can convert PowerPoint into video. You should be aware of some top software, which can do this job for you and that too at free of cost. Yes, this can be done for free but it's tricky.

Here are steps for doing so:
- Save all PowerPoint slides in JPG format.
- Now make video by importing all images to Windows Movie Maker.

Disadvantages of free Conversion
There are some disadvantages after converting PowerPoint into video, which are given below:
*All animation is being gone from presentation, thus resulting into dreary presentation with no charm at all.
*Moreover, presentation doesn't contain audio anymore and it takes lots of pain to add audio into video.These all points bring home the fact that when your slideshow presentation doesn't contain any animation, video or audio clips then this conversion can be helpful to you, else it may not solve your problem. Here are some principles that may be helpful to you in conversion.

How to converting PowerPoint to video:

1.The first method is to play slideshow on your screen and to record it at the same time with screen recording application like Wondershare DemoCreator. But I want to suggest one thing regarding screen recorder that while conversion you will not be able to do any other job and you need to open PowerPoint each time. Also there are chances of loosing animation, audio tracks etc. One more disadvantage is that you cannot convert all PowerPoint pieces at same time.

2.The Second method is using software available on various website. You can find lots of software application for PowerPoint conversion to video and also promising of providing best quality output. But you need to find the best one, so our suggestion is to take free trail prior to purchase. This method will keep everything retained as original,so far is the best way.

And I advice you to take Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter to have a try! you can learn more about this software from here;

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