Beating panic and anxiety can involve some serious introspection. There are many different causes for panic and anxiety; however, in most cases they are quite unique to the individual experiencing the panic or anxiety. In order to truly overcome your panic and anxiety it is important to give some thought to what may be causing your panic and anxiety. In some cases, it may be quite apparent to you as to what may be causing you to feel anxious and panic. In other cases; however, you may not be aware of the cause of your panic and anxiety. In such situations you may need to work with a counselor in order to begin uncovering the root of your panic and anxiety.

This may require some time, so you should be prepared to dedicate the necessary time and energy necessary to making this process work. One way in which you can begin the process of uncovering the cause of your panic and anxiety is to begin keeping notes or even a journal. Write down what was going on when you began to experience a panic attack. Even things that may not seem to be important at the time could actually be very important. Write down not only your own thoughts at the time but also what was going on around you when you began to experience the attack. Also write down what was going on in your life when you began to experience the attack.

Following this process can be quite important if you feel that your panic and anxiety attacks seem to follow a cycle. For example, you may find that you can go weeks or months with no panic or anxiety attacks at a time. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, you experience an attack that leaves you confused and frightened. While such an attack may seem to come out of nowhere there is a good chance that there is a trigger that spurred the attack. Keeping a journal can help you to map your attacks and eventually discover what may be causing them.

Once you have uncovered the cause of your anxiety and panic attacks you can then begin taking the steps that are necessary to stop the triggers and thus, stop the attacks. Depending on the individual trigger or triggers in your case it may be somewhat easier or even more difficult to take those steps. For example, if you discover that it is a relationship in your life that is causing your anxiety and panic attacks, it may not be so easy to completely eradicate that relationship from your life. In such a situation, working with a counselor can be quite beneficial in helping you to sort through your feelings and determine what is best for you. If you are not able to completely eradicate the trigger in your life that is causing your anxiety and panic attacks, then you may be able to at least change how you respond to the trigger.
Beating panic and anxiety does take some time and dedication; however, it can be done.

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