If you haven’t yet started the process of putting Feng Shui Principles into effect in your life and in your surroundings, you probably haven’t yet experienced the powers and transformations they can truly create for you. And if you have, you may have noticed a certain synchronicity that has started to appear in your lives as well.

I am not a believer in coincidences. We meet the people we are supposed to meet and attract the circumstances we are supposed to attract. They may not always be to your expected outcome but if you’ve employed Feng Shui Implements you are more then likely starting to notice a synchronicity that has begun. It is likely leading you in wonderful new directions that you may have never expected. The problem is, many people are resistant to change; they are more comfortable with the old way of things because that’s what they know and are used to.

You need to open yourself up to the possibilities of different changes and different directions for this to take effect. Remember why you started employing Feng Shui in the first place and it should help you overcome the obstacles to change things which are about to occur. Feng Shui has long had the saying of “Go With the Flow” meaning to ride with the changes you are experiencing. You’ve put your best Intentions forth with the changes you have created and you’ll eventually bring back the best of Energy. It is important and can’t be said enough that your Intentions are what create your Transformations in Feng Shui and your lives in general. Be careful to try and keep your thoughts positive, your thinking upbeat and have faith in the knowledge that good things will come your way and you won’t fail.

One wonderful thing happens and opens a door you never expected. If you decide to peek inside, you just might find something else wonderful that follows. And so starts the synchronicity. You meet people you were meant to meet for one reason or another or connect back with others that you haven’t seen in years. This is definitely the time in Feng Shui we do need to go with the flow and not be worried about outcomes. Things are opening up to you and leading you exactly where you need to be and do. Take advantage of this and trust that The Universe is leading you in the right directions.

Putting Feng Shui into place does create knowledge and that’s a very powerful tool. With knowledge you have more power to make the right decisions, change or continue in the right direction for you and create possibilities you wouldn’t have otherwise come across. And keep in mind while you are making all these changes it is not necessarily the outcome you are thinking of at the moment or you’ll lose sight of the journey as you’re going through it. It is at least as much about the journeys we take in life as it is about the outcomes. It is powerful and enlightening to see the paths you chose to get to where you wanted to be. With Feng Shui in place, your path is likely to be set for you and if you look for the signs, you’ll never waiver in your choices.

So while you’re in the process of Feng Shui, don’t put up those “walls” to stop or hamper the changes. Go with the Flow is never more important then it is right now and your outcomes will be everything you hoped for and more!

Written by: Carole Provenzale, Certified Consultant
Feng Shui Long Island

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