I don’t own a rags to riches story; a story about being broke, in debt, homeless, destitute, or alone. I never thought about “my story”, the story about why I have a fabulously abundant life today. And folks, I have a fabulously abundant life!!

I used to think that because I didn’t go broke, or wasn’t miserable trying to pull myself out of some state of desperation or pain, that I didn’t have a story to tell. Or, that what I had to share with the world wasn’t going to measure up or be powerful enough to serve and teach others.

As I’ve pondered over the years and allowed this belief to keep me from sharing my voice with the world, I’ve discovered that, although my story may not be a rags to riches one, it’s MY story.

What is my story?

I am the child of an alcoholic and a child of divorce. I was raised by a single mom and an absentee dad. I experienced their unconditional love and of course their problems. I have been rich and I have been poor, I have been loved by my “girl friends” and totally ostracized by my “girl friends.” I have played team sports and solo sports, I have been married and divorced, I have been a single mom and I have been an empty nester. I have been a Christian, a Jesus Freak and a child of the Universe. I have been overweight and I have been anorexic, I have experienced infidelity and I have experienced soul mate love. I have successfully worked in the corporate world and out of my home. I have been an accountant, a personal trainer, a network marketer, life coach and solo business owner, I have experienced the love and the death of a best friend, boyfriend and my parents. I am a sister, a proud mom, and finally...

I am a spiritual being having a fabulous human experience, living full-out, transforming my fears, looking for what’s right, laughing along the way, learning step-by-step who I am and what blows my skirt up! (That’s southern slang for rockin’ my world.)

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! It’s my truth to boldly own and radiate to the world proclaiming: Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Folks, I believe all of us have a story to tell… a life experience to share with the world, a truth to own and radiate saying “yes” to life.

Will that life be a challenge at times? I think so. I’ve certainly been challenged along the way; to stretch, grow and learn. I also believe we have what it takes to embrace uncertainty, face challenges, move forward and celebrate life, squeezing as much juice and joy from our journey as we can.

How do we do this and navigate these challenges? Seven steps I call The Road to Freedom — a guide to bold self-expression and sharing your voice with the world full-out and on your terms! Wanna take them with me?

Step One: Be the center of your world.
Celebrate your uniqueness. Commit to your personal empowerment and spiritual evolution.

Step Two: Overcome fear.
Take responsibility for creating your reality. Observe your triggers, emotional responses and ask, “What is my issue?”

Step Three: Tap your inner “Belle Power.”
Discover who you are. Find your passion, purpose and follow your heart.

Step Four: Trust your intuition.
Feel your way into alignment with your soul. Feel it, feel it, feel it!

Step Five: Embrace uncertainty.
Dream, imagine and affirm. Boldly express your voice to the world, doing what you love to do.

Step Six: When the student is ready…
Observe the Law of Attraction at work as you manifest masterful mentors into your life!

Step Seven: Lighten up.
Have fun. Enjoy the ride. Celebrate, laugh a lot and remember to play.

You are an amazing story... radiate “YES” and share it with the world!

Author's Bio: 

Tuck Self, The Rebel Belle, is a Southern voice for bold self-expression. As a coach, writer and speaker she inspires women to wake up, crank it up, and squeeze the juice from life with passion, purpose, and a lot of play! Let The Rebel Belle guide you to freedom and bold self-expressions. Visit www.rebelbelleblog.com and get your complementary outline of The 7 Steps to Discovering Freedom – Full Out and On Your Terms!