Some of natural vibratory remedies, that we usually buy or that our patients buy for prices which are often little affordable to the big mass, often discourage the holistic approach to the alternative therapies; on the other hand and as far as we’re concerned, it is possible (like we’ll see in these lecture notes) to reproduce in a radionic way any kind of remedies, for example allopathic and natural remedies, psychic phenomenon and/or mental intents which have been expressed according to the operator…etc….we can’t forget that radionically creating also an object or a physic remedy like the aspirin, an essence or a thought, it’s always a mental issue like the study about waveforms and radiesthesia (look at the initial chapter of the basic course THE RADIONICS); so we can say that, having now the big advantage to radionically and radiesthesically reproduce the vibration of any our intent, the methods after described, will offer us the great advantage to make any kind of therapy through any kind of approach ON NO ACCOUNT!!!....

Trough this new, wide and fascinating science of the future, which is the radionic and radiesthesia, anyone approaching the issue, can realize an own treatment according to the training, philosophy and approach of every operator (always in the therapeutic field and for general and holistic and non holistic wellbeing) ; for example a doctor could create a good catalyst of antibiotic or other things, a psychiatrist could create Valium, a dentist could make an ant inflammatory, an homoeopathist some ipericum, a psychotherapist or a hypnotherapist some positive messages for the subconscious (in addition to utilize the mental synthesis “radionic graphic n.16 of the basic course”), an herbalist some thyme, a flower-therapist some Bach Flowers, a crystal-therapist could create a rose quartz, a cromo-therapist some colours, an astrologer will be able to direct some planetary and of galaxies influences and in order to treat diseases, a Reiki operator or a spiritual healer will be able to channel respective healing symbols without directly treating the patient etc…., in conclusion every therapist led by his own professional knowledge will be able, thanks to some radionic graphics after mentioned with the present lecture notes, to further take advantage for the healing of his own patients and also thanks to his evolution and experience he will be able to continuously personalize more targeted various and good methods on no account.


On the bases of such considerations, a new figure of operator born:


But now let’s go to the hearth of this pioneer experience, starting from the examination of every aspect about the radionic reproduction of the active and energetic principles of any therapeutic remedy, besides creating some other new by ourselves depending on our experience and requirements.


Author's Bio: 

Roger Moretto, born in 1969 - Radionic Radiesthesic Practitioner Reiki Universal Master qualified BioPrano therapist C.E.E pranic healing. He holds Congresses Workshop Seminars by centres of natural holistic and alternative medicine schools of naturopathy in all over the world and he formed, with his experience a series of experts on his subjects, as Reiki the Radionics and the Radiesthesia. He is an expert in holistic energetic practice as yoga Zen meditation the Reiki the Radionics the Radiesthesia the Metaphysics and a series of alternative disciplines which are always connected to the evolutionary purpose as the pyramid therapy science, the crystal therapy the flowers remedies kinesiologia spiritual healing esoterism paranormal.
He tries to give his experience to the others with the Philosophy and with the intent of creating real experts about disciplines as Reiki Radionics and Radiesthesia. He has elaborated various radiesthesic methods to realize active and vibrational energetic forms for therapeutic uses, for example for the bio-agriculture, bio-architecture, personal feng shui (this is the construction of external active and energetic forms for habitations).