Becoming aware of spirit is easy, accepting their presence and role in life is more difficult. To begin the process of seeing and hearing spirit for yourself, I recommend that you make it a priority. Communicating with spirit means spending time in the silence of daily life. It is there in the silence that you shall discover them.

So many people have adjusted to having background noise constantly. This noise is a hindrance when learning to commune within other dimensions. People do not like themselves; therefore they do not like to spend time with themselves. This definitely hinders communication with spirit.

Spirit is communing with us all the time; we just need to become aware of the process. By spending quiet time focusing on our intuition and ability to use your sense perception you begin aligning to the frequencies within that recognize this internal communication.

Acknowledging that our guides are there on a daily basis and honoring that connection brings us closer all the time. This is a simple process to enact. Clearing your space of unwanted and stagnant energies daily and centering yourself can do this.

Here is an exercises you can use to do this.

Place some candles in your space and light some incense. Face the direction of the North and say: I call to the spirit guides of Earth. I call to holy mother Earth and ask that I be one with her energy. I acknowledge the earth as my mother and nurture the life she gives me. Now see yourself being a plant belonging to the earth, feel your heart beating in your chest and feel it connecting to the heartbeat of mother earth and all other life. Say a few AUMs. Now take a few moments and surround yourself with the light of life this brings you.

Face the direction of the East and say: I call to the spirit guides of Air. I call to the etheric beings of light that assist me in thought. I acknowledge my connection within the etheric realms and enlist the aid of my companions in spirit, today and always.

Now take a few deep breaths and cleanse the stagnate energy from your body. Breathe the breath into your mind and feel it cleansing your brain. Relax and free your mind to be focused in the moment. Let the air around you be felt in a sensual and appealing manner. Say a few AUMs. Now take a moment to feel the breath of life that you are.

Face the direction of the South and say: I call to the spirit guides of fire. I call to the purifying holy flames of light and drench myself within them. I acknowledge my connection within the fire light of life and the warmth and purification it brings me. Mighty guides of fire assist me in purifying my energies to be of light today and always. Say a few AUMs and take a moment to visualize the sun shining directly overhead. Feel the warmth of its rays coming down and surrounding you. Allow a ray to enter into the top of your head and move out the bottom of your feet. Be in this light for a few moments.

Face the direction of the West and say: I call to the spirit guides of water. I call to the oceans and rivers and seas. I acknowledge my connection within all movement and motion of water. I call to the unconscious mind and the lunar mother. Mighty spirit guides of water assist me in understanding and opening my unconscious mind to reveal my soul memories. Say a few AUMs and take a moment to see yourself either floating on the water or hearing it near you. Become one with its movement and energy.

Now take some time to be in this clear space of energy that you have produced. Feel how much different you and your space feel. Take some time to think and sort your thoughts. Ask your spirit guides to make themselves known to you. Tell them to visit you in your dreams and bring you messages. Tell them you know they are always with you assisting and guiding you.

Sit down and begin writing all the thoughts that come into your mind.

Practicing this exercise on a regular basis can bring profound results.
Other exercises you can do within your cleared space are mantras and affirmations.
As you think to yourself and determine what you need to change to make yourself and life happier, write up a set of mantras or affirmations to say.

A set is usually three such as:
I create happiness in all I say and do. I am always joyous. I feel free.

A mantra would be more like:
I am, I am, I am a child of love and light. I am, I am, I am, kept in God’s own sight. I am, I am, I am true spirit within and light.

Since spirit is light, and "the within that we are," is light then playing and visualizing oneself in this light on a regular basis is a necessary component of remembering how to re-establish this energy prominently.

To practice re-connecting the light bodies:
Feel yourself inside of a red waterfall of light; feel the energy of the waterfall as it washes down over you. Become as a child playing in this energy.

Next feel yourself inside of a vibrant orange waterfall of light. Let it wash down over you energizing and clearing you as you immerse yourself within in.

Next feel the sun shinning brightly into your waterfall, warming you, helping you to glow and become one with its golden yellow light.

You can use this exercise and continue with all the colors you like, such as Emerald Green, Azure Blue, Indigo, Violet, Tourquoise, or any combination and shading you desire.

These particular exercises are very powerful when done on a regular basis.

Author's Bio: 

Athene is a Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist who received her training and degree from the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute of Boulder Co. in 1996. She also completed Mediation training with CDR Associates of Boulder Co. in February 2002. She lectures and teaches Spiritual Growth seminars, Living your Spirituality, All About Angels and Spirit guides. She has an international client base from her individualized clairvoyant readings and intuitive counseling.

Athene Raefiel is a teacher of Mysticism and Enlightenment. For two years she hosted her own radio talk shows, one on Wale 990 in Rhode Island and one in Phoenix Arizona with KFNX 1100. She has been writing and publishing articles in metaphysical journals, newsletters and web sites for the past 15 years. Author of the book "Getting to the Heart: Journey of Soul Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment." FOR MORE INFORMATION, CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE at