Ready, Set, Go—Get Your Job Goals In Place!

What does it really take to set a job goal? Here are my two most important ideas. One is to know yourself well. Two is to know what your transferable skills are.

If you’re willing to take any job, that is not a good job goal. (We all know that, I think). If a job seeker takes just any job, it can be that the need for economic survival is paramount. If it’s not about survival, then what is it about? It might just be laziness.

Sometimes people don’t want to know what their true values and interests are. Fear and procrastination might be at work. Thinking and putting into practice who you really are is HARD WORK. And, there is no magic, life manual that will tell any job seeker who they really are. There are many job search books on the market. They can lay out the plans to put into practice, but it takes the work to make it real.

And, finding out who the true person is at work is a lifetime goal. Work gives meaning to a life, but it is not the whole of life at all.

Now what about a current job goal? It is a simple refrain. Find out who you are, what you want, who you want to work with, what you want to accomplish, what skills you have that the employer wants; and link all of this “personhood” up with an employer.

This advice might help. Set a job goal for one day, increase it to two weeks, etc. Take action to put this tenuous goal into place. Refine this goal seeking, after a suitable interlude, to at least 3 job goals. Go out prospecting. You are not looking for a perfect job either. Look for jobs out of your field.
Many jobs are offered to job seekers by chance.

There is ALWAYS a job for any JOB SEEKER. It might not have ALL of the attractions that hold your job seeking interest, but it can be yours. Luck plays a part, but so does knowing yourself.:

Author's Bio: 

Graduate of JFKennedyU Career Certificate Program
M.A., Human Development & Administration
Certified Job & Career Transition Coach