(Usui Method)

Reiki in Japanese means the vital energy that spreads through everything and is everywhere, even inside us. Rei is the boundless universal aspect, Ki is the aspect flowing in everything showing and living. So Rei = universe, Ki = energy; Reiki = universal energy.

Reiki is a method to connect in a conscious way our energy with the Universal Energy and to come in an active touch with it, to receive, to channel and to send it.

Once we have received it, it allows us a very considerable psychic and inner expansion.

The energy of the person harmonized or activated by the master during the seminar, comes out of the hands and spontaneously activates every time he/she puts them everywhere it is necessary giving the opportunity to carry out the training and Reiki energetic treatments, beside for himself/herself, even for other people, animals, flowers, plants, to dynamize the water, the food and everything we can physically touch, so that he/she becomes a way, a bridge or a channel between the cosmic energy and the receiver besides benefit for himself/herself personally. Once the person has been harmonized, he/she will enjoy Reiki for all his/her life.

It’s a very simple and powerful method, within everybody’s range, it takes again in a modern way the ancient healing teachings which are part of Buddhism.

The seminars are subdivided in 3 degrees: the first gives us the opportunity to energetically interact on a physical level, the second one on a mental and distant level, the third one allows us to teach.

Reiki is mainly based on the use of 4 symbols having different energetic, psychic and spiritual features that if are channelled in the wished way, can increase by far our mental, material and spiritual intentions linked to them.

Reiki is passed on through the harmonizations or purifications of the energetic channels the master carries out during the courses to the receiver allowing him/her from that moment to channel the energy for all his/her life for himself/herself, for the others and for the situations. The harmonization is a simple, delicate and intimate process the master carries out on the receiver putting his hands on his/her head using the relative symbols. I state that Reiki isn’t a religion, neither a dogma nor an esoteric dark practice.

Reiki is Reiki and today is within everybody’s range.

The above mentioned energetic channels in harmonization explanation are the acupuncture points called Chakras, or man psychophysical energetic centers I’ll explain in detail in the pages concerning the first degree.
When a person has been made powerful and purified by the transmission of Reiki harmonizations, he/she will be able to get even more the universal energy channelling it when and how better he/she thinks suitable, considering some details or ethical conditions taught in the courses it imposes not to incur unpleasant “energetic incidents”. All this opens us to a great responsibility and awareness towards ourselves and all the world opening us to a totally new vision of what we are, more in syntony with the cosmic Laws.

Reiki brings well-being and plenty to everything we channel considerably speeding up all psychic, spiritual and material evolutional processes

by Roger Moretto www.biolifestyle.org/en for free download Reiki Book

Author's Bio: 

Roger Moretto, born in 1969 - Radionic Radiesthesic Practitioner Reiki Universal Master qualified BioPrano therapist C.E.E pranic healing. He holds Congresses Workshop Seminars by centres of natural holistic and alternative medicine schools of naturopathy in all over the world and he formed, with his experience a series of experts on his subjects, as Reiki the Radionics and the Radiesthesia. He is an expert in holistic energetic practice as yoga Zen meditation the Reiki the Radionics the Radiesthesia the Metaphysics and a series of alternative disciplines which are always connected to the evolutionary purpose as the pyramid therapy science, the crystal therapy the flowers remedies kinesiologia spiritual healing esoterism paranormal.

He tries to give his experience to the others with the Philosophy and with the intent of creating real experts about disciplines as Reiki Radionics and Radiesthesia. He has elaborated various radiesthesic methods to realize active and vibrational energetic forms for therapeutic uses, for example for the bio-agriculture, bio-architecture, personal feng shui (this is the construction of external active and energetic forms for habitations).