Reiki (pronounced ray-key) translates as Universal Life Force Energy. It is a Japanese method of channeling and sharing healing energy to individuals, communities, and the world at large, which was reintroduced in Japan in the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui after he read information about this ancient healing art.

Obviously, Reiki has made its way all over the world since the 20th century gaining more and more popularity. However, many people are under the impression that Reiki is the actual healing energy itself.

I humbly disagree. Ever since my training from 2004 to 2005 and my practice since that time until now, I have realized Reiki as an activation and learning tool method, not the actual healing energy itself. No one else can give me or you our life force energy (i.e., chi, ki, prana). It is already given to us upon our development in the womb and it stays with us until we transition to the next life or next level of our experiences. And even then it doesn’t completely go away, it merely transform itself just the same as our bodies and minds.

Healing energy is indeed already within us. However, this energy can be dormant and in need of a boost…an awakening. This is where the Reiki attunements and treatments come in.

For the Reiki practitioner/Reiki Master, the attunements are the awakening tool for their healing energy to rise up within them. For the recipient of Reiki, the treatments are the awakening tool for the same purpose.

There are three things that encompass my holistic healing path – holistic/natural health, creative activities, and spiritual practices. Reiki is embodies all three of these elements and as a spiritual practice, in particular, it is magical.

Applied daily, Reiki is not only a spiritual practice, but it becomes a lifestyle, such as an other spiritual practice (prayer/meditation), holistic way of living (eating organic foods or being vegan), or any other way of living that comes naturally to the individual.

As a Reiki practitioner, it is imperative to practice self-treatments on a regular basis. My recommendation would be daily or weekly self-treatments to keep one’s self in balance, feeling good, and joyful. As a recipient of Reiki treatments, I’d recommend to that individual to receive biweekly or monthly treatments.

I realize some Reiki treatments can be expensive or seem costly with today’s economy, however, you’d be surprised at how many people out there are willing to barter with you, if you have something to offer of equal value. For example, a friend of mine is a massage therapist. So, she and I trade a one hour massage for a one hour Reiki treatment on a monthly basis to help ourselves get the healing we need and it doesn’t cost us any money to get it. So be creative in receiving or giving a Reiki treatment, if money is a challenge for you at this time. Ask the Creator to send you someone who will have no problems bartering with you.

I say Reiki is a lifestyle because it is holistic. It is a method that helps helping energy awaken within us that heals the whole self – mind, body, and spirit. While much of the focus of a Reiki treatment can be placed on the seven major chakras (energy centers), even through those centers, we are touching the entire being.

If you have been blessed with Reiki training or you’ve had a Reiki treatment, please share this knowledge and the experience with someone else. Many people don’t practice this lifestyle because they aren’t aware of it or have misconceptions about it. For instance, some people believe it’s a religion or a part of a religion, which it isn’t. It is merely a spiritual practice, just like praying and meditating is a spiritual practice.

Open yourself up to this lifestyle in a way you’ve never done before – practice self-treatments daily or weekly or receive treatments biweekly or monthly. I’m sure you will feel and see positive changes taking place in your being and in your life as a result. Keep the faith and stay in flow of healing energy at all times!

Author's Bio: 

Tameko is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a certified Reiki Master Teacher, an ordained spiritual minister, and a published writer and poet. She is currently working towards a Bachelor's and Master's in Spiritual Healing.