There is a misconception that you need to discover a bunch of SEO attraction marketing secrets to be able to draw a flood of prospects to your business. Well the truth is, it's more like commonsense and just following some simple best practices can be just as powerful.

Sure, your web properties need to be structured in a way that is search engine friendly but many network marketers get hung up on this and become intimidated when it confronts them. But there is no need to worry and a properly optimized site isn't hard to achieve when you know how.

We have some great tips in this article for optimizing your attraction marketing sites and if you've been struggling to get them noticed, then use this checklist to see what you have been leaving out.

SEO Attraction Marketing Secrets

The first method is to test the functionality of your website to see how it will work with SEO for search engines. These checks will include checking the keywords that your website contains, check the HTML code, and also check to see if your site contains meta tags. Checks will also be carried out to see how user friendly your website is.

When you build a website you need to consider the audience you wish to target. Your audience will dictate how your website promotes your particular product or service. By this we mean is your audience a buying lot or are they just freebie seekers. The keywords you use can determine this.

Relevant Keywords

It is vital to use relevant keywords that will apply to your target audience. Keywords should be focused and laser targeted instead of broad. Broad keywords means you will be competing with a ton of other webmasters who will have more established sites and therefore will always outrank you.

The next stage of the process is to analyze what your competitors are up to. Check to find out who out of your competitors is ranked the highest and how they got to achieve such high rankings. Look to see what keywords they are using and this can be easily done by looking at the page source of their site.

Optimize Your Titles

Check things such as meta tags and titles. Your main keywords need to be listed in both of these areas. Article titles need to contain your main keyword and the content itself should at least use it and a variation of this keyword or phrase at least 3% of the article length.

Also, if you create links back to your website this will greatly enhance your ranking position on the search engines. One way links are a great way of doing this even if you don’t receive links back from another site. Submitting articles to directories is just one method of getting links back to your site. Creating web 2 properties is another. Hardly SEO attraction marketing secrets but very effective.

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