Some history claims that the first happy hour was held in a local pub in Ireland. Others attribute that this before dinner reduced price drinks event started in the 1920’s as the Navy’s slang for its on-ship entertainment. Regardless what is true, introverts and extroverts would design a Happy Hour quite differently.

Happy Hour mood music. Introvert – If we have to have music, nothing more than soft playing music in the background. I want to hear both others and myself talk. Extrovert – Crank up the tunes. Loud and up beat music will get things stirring.

Happy Hour lighting. Introvert – When I’m talking, I prefer we can see each other. Real connections mean real conversation. Extrovert – Let’s have the lights dimmed or turned up. Either way, I’m there for the conversation; as much conversation as I can have.

Happy Hour networking. Introvert – Have the sidelines around the bar marked so I can stand and observe for a time. I’ll need a little time to join in. Extroverts – Have happy feet on the floor pointing the way to the center of the action; that’s where I want to be from the get-go! I’ll dance into the middle of the action following the feet.

Happy hour number of people. Introvert – I’m most comfortable in smaller groups. For me one is company and two can be a crowd. Maybe a group of two to twenty people max. Extrovert – If we’re going to be happy, we need lots of people. Crowds - all the people the space can hold is wonderful.

Happy Hour title. Introvert – I’d be attracted to something like “Friendship Hour,” or “Get Acquainted Hour.” Extrovert – Any title with the word “Happy” or better yet, “Party” in it is for me. It’s the event I’m after and the happier the better.

Happy Hour time of day. Introvert – As long as I plan to have some quiet time before and after, I can be fine at a Happy Hour gathering. If I’ve had a strong extroverting day, I won’t have the energy at the end of the day to last long. Extrovert – At the end of the day is perfect. Although starting the day off around a lot of people would be energizing too. Hey, what about a morning hour with espresso coffee?

Happy hour with happy endings may have a different meaning for introvert and extrovert salespeople. Why is it critical for salespeople to recognize their preference? Because to enjoy any event like this, if you can prepare for it, very likely you will find yourself enjoying it and making connections for friends, clients and even connectors.

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