Seduce the market by being like a lover, full of care and interested in every move your loved one makes. Feel the little mood swings, know how to dance the dance of seduction, when to come close and when to move back.

Marketing is not about pressuring anyone into anything! On the contrary, it is helping people to make the best decision for them.

Clarify Your Ideal Market
The first step is to identify a suitable target market that fits your uniqueness. Concentrate on getting to know the market intimately by developing personal relationships with people in that market. They might or might not become your clients.

Your market will always share some common problems that you have a solution for. The more targeted your solution, the better.

Build a Relationship
In the beginning, your market might be shy or wary of your advances. Give it time (practice patience) and continue to show who you are and what you have to offer (practice persistence).

Do not expect to make a sale at the first rendez-vous. Just concentrate on interesting someone in the next step. And as in real life, the more interest you show in them, the more interested they are in you.

So listen to what the market has to say and learn from it. If no one buys, keep your vision and work on your services & communication to get it right.

Excite, Educate, Encourage
The most successful marketing strategies use what excites human most: some sensual element. Depending on your market, this could be quite sophisticated or very direct.

The other elements are to educate and to encourage (without being pushy or appearing needy).

Invest in the Relationship
Marketing is an investment. It is going to be higher in the beginning because you are still learning about your market. The more you invest, the quicker you will learn enough to know how to get your ideal level of clients with fewer resources.

Measuring is essential, so always ask how a new client found you and test two variations where you can to keep improving.

Make a plan of how you are going to invest your budget over the course of the year. Decide on the tools to use and how they integrate with one another.

Have you ever been seduced? Was it someone that just kept saying: Buy me, buy me, buy me? Or did you feel excited, intrigued and understood by that person.

Marketing has a lot to do with exciting your market. That works best if you understand your clients intimately. So focus on getting to know and learning about your market. Use different marketing tools to test what works best for your unique market.

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