Clients of Martha Beck’s learn very quickly what not to say in her presence. Any version of the words "I can’t" sends her off.

I admire her commitment to not letting people get away with saying they are powerless. (She’s screamed in my ear before!)

I’ve also come to realize I’ve got a couple phrases that send me off, too.

One that’s come up these last couple weeks is: “We’ll see what happens.”

When a “normal” person says it, I get it. They don’t know better. And it’s not my job to clue them in, so I let it slide.

But when a CLIENT says it, I could go through the roof!

We’ll SEE what happens?! We’ll see if things turn out?

Have I taught you NOTHING?

That’s not how it works!

Rather, we SAY what happens. We’re the ones in charge here!

We don’t have to sit back and see what destiny sends our way … we CHOOSE it. And we choose what happens through our speech, our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions.

My clients’ words “We’ll see what happens” feel like Martha Beck’s equivalent to “I can’t.” It’s a phrase that renders us powerless. We know so much more than that!

  • We’ll see if traffic cooperates to get us to our appointment on time?
  • We’ll see if this new restaurant is any good?
  • We’ll see if we get the job offer?
  • We’ll see if the paycheck makes it to the end of the month?

We’ll see if things turn out in our favor? Maybe you will, but I guarantee I’m not going to sit back and see whether things turn out … I’m saying it. After all, you know the power of our words. (Click on the colors if you want a reminder.)

How do you think Universe (or Source or whatever you call your higher power) responds to the vibration of the “we’ll see” phrase? It feels passive to me.

But when we SAY what’s going to happen, doesn’t it feel much more powerful and authoritative? Like you’re giving the Universe some real direction by flexing your creative muscle?

With this post I invite you to notice where you’re holding your power in check by “seeing what happens” and rather to choose to “say what happens.” It’s your true deliberate creator nature, you know!

(And my homework, in the meantime, is to take the charge off hearing this phrase so I can stop coming across it so much! ha)

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