Self-Banishing of Bloodline Curses and Energy System
By Nita Hickok © March 2008
I have seen an increase in problems with the energy system and bloodline curses. I thought I would develop a self-help system where people could try to do the ceremonies themselves. The triangle should be formed of salt and blessed by prayers. The person should write a heart felt prayer about how they want the salt triangle to block all evil. Kosher salt is best or coarse salt such as is used in bags for water softeners or for making ice cream.
The triangle should be drawn on concrete where it can be swept off into the earth or on sanctified ground such as a cemetery. The wide end of the triangle should be left open and sealed once you are inside of the triangle. If more than one person is inside of the triangle they should read all of the blessings and banishings also. You step over the triangle and do not disturb the salt until the final banishing is read out loud by everyone participating. The salt should be swept away when the ceremony is done. Herbs may also be used to sweep away the salt such as rosemary branches or other herbs bound in a bundle. They should be protective herbs and cinnamon brooms are also good for sweeping away the salt and banishing. If you feel energy is left in the triangle add the 91st psalm to the banishing or another banishing prayer as back up to be sure the energies are banished forever.
If the problems do not vanish then please contact me as you need help from someone who is an expert at doing the ceremony. I also ask that if the ceremony or any other ceremony helps you that you donate to this website so I can help the people who are having problems that need my support.
Blessing of the Salt
I bless this salt with the might and power of God. I ask that Archangel Raphael contain all evil, discord, distress, pain, sorrow and trauma in this triangle from the East and the element of air. I ask that Archangel Michael defeat and contain all evil, discord, trauma, pain and sorrow in this triangle from the South and the element of fire. I ask that Archangel Gabriel contain and banish all evil, discord, trauma, pain, and sorrow in this triangle from the West and the element of Water. I ask that Archangel Uriel contain and banish all evil, discord, trauma, pain and sorrow in this triangle from the North and the element of Earth. May God bless this sacred salt, and help me in all ways to defeat my bloodline curses, energy system problems, and all my woes and upsets. May all God's power of divine love and light aid this operation to be successful. So be it.
Before me stands my Mother and Father. Before them stands our Grandparents on unto the end of time.
I know at this time that no one in my bloodline would wish harm or evil upon me and my life and loved ones. No one would willingly send evil demons or spirits at us. All evil is here by banished from my bloodline, my past, present and future lifetimes, my time lines, all time, space, and all eternity.
I ask that with Gods help we all be cleared by the divine light of God so this evil is closed off through the bloodline and evil plagues us no longer. May everyone be blessed and loved by the divine God for being willing to help the family bloodline, and ancestry.
I ask that all nightmares, spirits, threats, and evil flee when we leave this salt triangle. As we step over it may we be reborn and cleansed of the problems we have had in our lives. May our mental clarity be back and may the problems in our lives vanish and the goodness and kindness of God be with us.
Clearing of triangle
I banish you, and bind you to never bother me or my family again. You are banished to be gone through out our bloodlines, our time lines, our lifelines and our past, present and future. You may not exist in any way in our past lifetimes, present lifetimes or future lifetimes. As all our problems are swept away we are free, we are free.
I am always ready to help and give suggestions if you have problems or the problems persist. My contact email is listed on this website.

Author's Bio: 

I am 55 years old and have been helping people to spiritually and energetically heal for 37 years. I am an expert magician trained in many different traditions. I am also a Reverend, and spritually counsel others.

I hope that these articles help to empower the readers for a new life.