Most Tantric sacred lovemaking texts substitute more poetic terms to refer to the male and female sexual anatomy. Penis is lingam. Vagina is yoni. There are hundreds of other terms commonly used, such as golden rod, wand of light, jade stalk, tangled garden, honey pot and secret cave. Using such terminology is generally perceived to be more respectful, sensual and romantic. Certainly the language commonly heard on the streets such as cock and cunt, seems by comparison crude and disrespectful.

Genital Sizes – Mix and Match

The Kama Sutra, by Vatsyayana classifies the lingam and yoni according to size.

Male – Lingam: Hare (small) – Bull (medium) – Horse (large)

Female – Yoni: Deer (small) – Mare (medium) – Elephant (large)

According to Vatsyayana (and common sense) matches of equal size are ideal, but lovers can manage the other combinations quite nicely. Certain positions are helpful when there is a mismatch of genital sizes.

When the lingam is small and the yoni large try the following positions.

  • Man on Top – “Missionary” (variation – legs over shoulders) - allows for maximum penetration
  • Woman on Top – “Crouching Tigress” (variation – “Sidesaddle”) – allows for the skillful use of PC squeezing by the woman
  • Opposites – “Backslide” – provides an ideal angle for stimulation of the G-Spot

When the lingam is large and the yoni is small try the following positions.

  • Man on Top – “Missionary” (variation – man supports his weight off the woman) – allows for holding back from maximum penetration
  • Woman on Top – “Tender Surrender” (variation – lying face to face) – the lady is in charge of penetration and thrusting
  • Face to Face – “One Crutch” – allows for holding back from maximum penetration
  • Sideways – “The Lover’s Scissors” – penetration is not deep and thrusting is relaxed
  • Other Positions – Pregnancy – “The Cradle” (variation II) – shallow penetration and relaxed thrusting

This is an excerpt from the eBook Tantra and Kama Sutra Sex Positions

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