On a recent cruise vacation to Mexico I was reminded of the wonder and awe of choices. This was my first experience on a cruise ship, and I loved every minute of it. One thing I noticed was that a cruise ship is much like a miniature version of the entire planet. All ages and stages of life were represented, from babies to senior citizens carting oxygen tanks. The crew had representatives from 60 countries. There were approximately 2400 guests on board.

The customer service was excellent and the attention to detail was amazing. The food was great, the entertainment opportunities were fabulous. The beds were comfortable (I was even inspired to buy a new pillow when I got home to match the one I had on my bed in the cabin), and our cabin steward even folded my pj's and put them under my pillow for me.

I was totally relaxed, slept when I wanted to sleep. I ate when I was hungry. I read when I wanted to read. I was a 'free bird', simply doing as I pleased for 5 whole days. No cell phone, no regular phone, no computers, no emails, no kids, no expectations. It was absolutely fabulous.

Now that was my experience of the trip, because I expect to have a good time pretty much anywhere I go. I look for the beauty and expect to see beauty, therefore, I do. I look for the kindness in others, expect to see it, and usually do.

With that said, I witnessed a few other people on board the ship who seemed to be having an entirely different experience.

Being the avid people watcher that I am, I tend to notice things about people. I am not talking about invading anyone's privacy psychically, just simply observing facial expressions, verbal expressions, and so forth. 95% of the people I saw seemed to be having the time of their life, which was really cool to see.

Now let me share a bit about the other 5%.

Somewhere around day 3, I decided to go get a hot dog from the grill on the Lido deck. I was the only person in line and the chef was bent over gathering supplies when I approached the counter. So I chose to be patient until he stood up, then I would tell him what I wanted to order. While I was waiting patiently for him to stand up, another woman barrels up to the counter, shouts out her order to the chef, absolutely oblivious to the fact that I am standing there. She did not even look my way. The chef immediately stands up and begins to cook her order.

At first I was a little put off by the whole experience. I was thinking to myself, "hello, do you see me standing here??" Then, I thought, why would I allow this woman's actions to change the way I have been feeling these past few days. I had been feeling great, no rush to be anywhere, no deadlines, just 'floating'. And, I LIKED feeling that way. So there I was, faced with a CHOICE. I could choose to allow this woman's behavior to pull me into her world of experience, or I could choose to let her behavior just roll off my back and hold my feeling of centeredness and peace.

I knew I did not have the ability to control her actions, or anyone else's for that matter, but I did have the ability to control my actions/reactions. I may not have 'chosen' the event, but I could choose how I would respond to the event. Well I chose to let it go, of course. I had been having way to much fun to let someone else draw me into their drama.

As I ate my lunch, I reflected a bit more about the whole thing. I was reminded again of the awe of creation. Here we all were on the same ship, interacting with the same staff, eating the same quality of food, and so on. The same 'raw materials' were present for each individual to experience. How those 'raw materials' came together was a result of the individuals beliefs and expectations. How those 'raw materials' were perceived, were also a result of each individual's beliefs and expectations, based on past life experience.

At the burger counter, the chef was the same person for both myself and the woman. The food was the same quality, the wait time was a bit longer for me, than for her. Yet, I would bet dollars to donuts that if someone would have interviewed the woman shortly after receiving her food, she probably would have had negative things to say. I imagined that she probably perceives people to be lazy, too slow, and inconsiderate. I would also imagine that she was not having a very good time. Not because of the events she experienced, but because of the way she interpreted those events. The way she perceived those events.

Whereas, I would have had positive things to say about my experience, because that is the way I chose to perceive the events. In all honesty, my default reaction was to be a bit put off by her actions, I am human afterall and I was hungry! But within 2 minutes I had let that go and returned to my normal state of peace. I recognized a feeling within myself, and made a conscious choice to make a shift in that feeling. Because, I KNOW that the feeling I hold within myself WILL beyond a shadow of a doubt influence the experiences I draw to msyelf.

The feelings we hold within ourselves shape the 'raw materials' around us. Our feelings mold the raw materials to conform to our expectations and beliefs. If we expect to see rude people, guess what, we are going to see rude people. If we expect to see gracious people, guess what, we are going to see gracious people. Of course, an anomoly will show up every now and again (like this woman showing up in my mini reality) as a test of sorts. This event tested me by giving me the opportunity to put into practice all that I know. To put into practice my divine ability to choose my experiences. I saw her, acknowledged her, and chose to NOT participate any further in her drama. (Had I chosen the other way around, I could have mouthed off about her cutting in line, being rude, and so forth, all of which would have led no where pleasant for either one of us)

My Challenge to YOU, should you choose to accept!

Be aware of your surroundings. We all have the same 'raw materials' available to us on this planet. At the core of everything is energy, and we all have the same access to that energy. We all have the same ability to mold and shape that energy to fit our expectations. If you are unhappy with your experiences, change your expectations. Shift your beliefs, do whatever it takes to bring some positive feelings into your life. Sing, Dance like a wild person, wear funny hats while you clean your house, visit a comedy club, go to a playground a swing really high, etc.

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Kathy Karlander is a gifted intuitive counselor, healer, teacher, and author known nationally and internationally for her work. Her greatest gift lies in her ability to facilitate spiritual awakening and growth in her clients while guiding them to a stronger sense of self-empowerment. She specializes in the Akashic Records and EMF Balancing Technique®, and guided meditation CDs. Visit her website at www.SacredInsights.comto find out more! Now you can listen to Kathy broadcast live at Contacttalkradio.com every Tuesday from 2- 3 pm EST.