If you've tried promoting your network marketing or MLM business over the internet, at some point you have probably asked yourself, "Where's the network marketing money?" Can you really make money from your network marketing business on the internet? Definitely. There are many people who are successfully marketing their business opportunity on the web -- we know because we've done it for over six years. So how do you go from a person who is looking to earn money on the internet to someone who has made money on the internet?

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the first you thing you need to be successful on the internet is an abundance of traffic and qualified leads. It is all well and fine to have a great looking website out there on the web, but if you aren't driving plenty of traffic to that website then no one is going to see it. If no one sees your website, then you won't have any traffic, you won't get any leads to work with, and you will not earn any network marketing money from your website. It's just simple math.

So how do you generate abundant traffic and leads from your website? We have three words for you: multiple traffic streams. Many people who are first learning how to promote their network marketing opportunities on the internet get focused in on a particular type of marketing such as article marketing, pay-per-click, newsletter marketing, or video marketing. It's all well and good to become an expert in one of these forms of marketing (in fact you should become an expert at any type of marketing you do on the internet) but make sure that you don't develop tunnel vision. Any single form of internet marketing is great to get you started but if you really want someone to show you the network marketing money via the internet you are going to have to pursue multiple streams of traffic. Start with one, say newsletter marketing, and get really good at it. Look at successful sites that do newsletter marketing and figure out what they are doing right. Then practice and experiment until your newsletters are generating a steady (even if small, to begin with) stream of traffic and leads for you. Once you've mastered that approach, learn the next one, all the while keeping up your original traffic stream.

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