The Inner World is as real as the material world in which we live. Some people, who we may call psychics, see the Inner World as clearly as we see the material world. Why can they see what most people cannot see? Remember the Movie “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction. That ability to attract things to us depends on our thinking which determines our energy vibration. This difference in our energy vibrations means some people can clearly see the Inner World, while others cannot. The Inner World vibrates much faster than the material world. This might help you understand this concept. The vibration rate of ultra red or ultra blue is too fast for the human eye to see, yet these colors exist. In the same way, the Inner World is real. It exists, even though most of us cannot see it because of the fast vibration rate. So how do we get messages from the Universe?

We all talk to our friends and relatives. We speak and then wait for their response. Can you imagine talking to a friend and never getting a reply? We communicate with the Universe when we pray, send someone good thoughts or meditate. We receive messages from the Universe in return. Many of us don’t notice when the Universe answers. We don’t notice these messages because we are on a different vibration. Since we may not be able to quickly change our basic vibration rate, how do we get our messages? The Universe talks to us with signs and symbols.

Signs and symbols are a form of visual or auditory shorthand. As humans, we use signs and symbols all of the time. Any mother knows how to give that look, that tells her child to stop the undesired behavior. Lovers exchange secret signs that indicate their devotion. Signs and symbols are a simple, fast way of communicating or sharing information with someone.

When working with signs and symbols, you may experience an emotional, psychological and spiritual resonance. This occurs when the symbols connect with your inner self. Symbols also communicate large ideas in order to bring people together in loyalty, obedience, love or fear. One example of a symbol is the war in the Middle East. It does not matter if your experience or attitudes about the war are different from another’s. This symbol evokes great emotion. Today, people fight and die for their individual emblems or flags. In this war, the combatants may be Americans, Europeans or Middle Easterners, yet all are willing to die for what their respective symbols represent. All of these people have come from different societies, yet their symbols are powerful enough for a person to risk their life. While some symbols are universal, others are specific to a certain culture or a different time period.

People have organized signs and symbols into group and systems. All religion, either Protestant, Catholic, Eastern or native, have an organized set of symbols. Just pause for a minute. And we can all see with our inner eye the Christian cross, the Virgin Mary, the symbols of Islam or an image of Buddha sitting serenely.

People have organized signs and symbols in other systems for communicating with the Inner World. One system for divining is Astrology, which is based on the twelve signs of the zodiac. The I Ching is the Book of Changes and is another method of divining and dates back to China between 1122 and 770 BC. The Tarot is a system of divining based on a pack of 78 cards. Numbers were studied by the ancients, who believed they could reveal the principles of creation, and the laws of time and space. Today, people still study numerology to get insight, since each number is significant with its own symbology. Alchemy was an ancient study for the attainment of enlightenment. The Kabala is a system of theoretical and practical wisdom, designed to give the students a path for mental and spiritual growth.

I believe that we are spiritual beings who are having a material experience. Once we incarnate, we forget who and what we are. When we become human, our conscious brain is in charge. The conscious mind wants to keep the human being alive and safe. The conscious mind does not want messages from the Inner World; messages that may threaten the carefully controlled structure it has designed.

Still, as I mentioned above, we get messages from the Universe all of the time. We may notice animals, pictures, license plates, music, smells, and many other items. I suggest that almost anything I notice is a message from my guidance.
Whenever I notice something, I believe there is something for me to learn or understand. I have been studying signs and symbols for a while, and my conscious mind is now somewhat comfortable with the messages I receive. Have you noticed sign and symbols in your daily life?

What are signs and symbols? They are part of the original language we used before we had formal language. This was a time when sounds and the meaning of the sounds was the means of communication. The original language was used before we became totally material. In the original language, the sound was a metaphor. The dreamer, the part of us that creates our dreams, uses this original language to make dreams. The dreamer gets thinking from the Inner World and from mass thought. The message from the Inner World is truth, and may be distorted by the mass thought. Part of mass thought or group consciousness is dense and negative thought forms. Every thought that was every thought by anyone is somewhere in the universe. The Law of Attraction draws like thought particles together to form thought forms.

If we were healthy, and free from all traumas, the information from the Inner World will come to us in a balance of objective and subjective thinking. We would connect directly to the Inner World. If our bodies, minds or souls are not healed and are not in the right vibration, we may not get the correct message from the signs and symbols. For example, if we use only the objective nature or conscious mind to consider the meaning of a dream, we may get the wrong message. When working with signs and symbols, ask what is the context and what is the real meaning?

Once we start noticing signs and symbols, we understand communication in a different way. The soul wants to be free and joyful, and not locked into a limiting belief system. As we become more aware, we may need to let go of some beliefs or ideas.

The belief system is very important. In our society, the conscious mind controls the belief system. The left brain thinking has to do with the material; this is why we in the United States are ahead of the rest of the world materially. When we hear an idea, and there is no reference in the belief system, we reject the idea. In order to receive the messages sent to us by the Inner World, we need to clean up our belief system. This will help us understand signs and symbols and the messages they bring.

When you see a sign or symbol, ask “What is the message?" What do I need to understand?” When we see, hear or read anything, we take it in through the conscious mind. This is the literal, analytical part of the brain. Once we get the information, we want to understand. The left brain is slow. When working with the inner, we have to deal with the speed of the inner.

The vibration of the energy in the Inner World is 6,000 times faster than the physical level. Our bodies vibrate in the Third Dimension about 60 beats per minute, which is close to the resting heart rate. Dizziness may be caused when we speed up our thinking system. This happens when we look at everything from a material point of view. When we get too much information, our thinking builds up in the conscious mind. This makes us unsteady. This is metaphor, for being out of balance.
When you are interpreting the signs and symbols, the fewer words used the better. Short dreams are the most powerful. They really get to the point. Some are universal signs and symbols such as water represents spirituality or consciousness. Other signs and symbols are private and personal. The symbol of grandmother means something very special to me if I think of my maternal grandmother. If I think of my paternal grandmother, that same symbol means something entirely different.

Colors influence energy. In the morning as you get dressed, pick your clothes naturally. Then ask for understanding about the meaning of the color. During the night, we all go somewhere in our dreams. This is where we have been the night. What we pick to wear in the morning may show us where we have been. Rather, chose your clothing the next morning to indicate where you want to go, not where you went during the night. Dress for where you are going during the day. We all want to be alike, yet not really alike at all.

Breathing in air is taking in the life force. The person is a metaphor for themselves. A sign or symbol makes you try to figure it out. In a dream, when someone dies, that means that part of us is dead. Snow is frozen spirituality. Snowmobile forces the snow out of the way and is a metaphor of one of pushing frozen spirituality out of the way by plowing through it. Getting into water or getting wet means someone is developing spiritually.

A mini mart is getting something quickly. Police enforce the rules. Flees may mean that something is bugging you. Fire is for cleansing. People go up to the mountain to meditate. Buried means buried in history. Trees represent family. When something in a dream is moving two at a time that represents that part of your life is in balance. It may also represent doing something as a couple. During a dream, being in the city may mean being around people and life. Culvert is a way of going. Self righteousness is a lesson of the heart. Building a big house in a dream means you are doing something for yourself. Weight and numbers are only heavy if we see them as a burden. The weight depends on the belief system. Do you see any of these signs and symbols in your daily life?

I have a connection to animals. I get messages from my animal friends all of the time. These messages come from the cats I live with, or from animals I meet casually during my day. The hawk sitting on a street light, the bird that flew in front of my car, or the other animals that went out of their way to meet me. All of these animals may bring me a message. I use a book on the meaning of animals, to increase my understanding of these special messages.

I suggest getting a book on signs and symbols. They come to us as part of our reality. When you notice something that may be a sign or symbol, ask, what that does this mean to me? If you do not understand the signs and symbols, ask for the meaning.
There is tremendous power in our words. Get a source dictionary to understand the root and original meaning of a word. Ask for understanding of someone’s name. Get a book on names in order to understand the energy of the name.

When we see someone whom we do not like, they represent a part of us we do not like. That is a part of ourselves we still need to clean up.

There are always negative energy particles that are trying to attach to people. We can be the instrument of the attachment. If we have had 100 lives, we have 100 egos out there. They can slip in from lifetime to lifetime and can show up as multiple personalities. These negative energies slip in when the person vacates himself temporarily. We vacate ourselves when we lose consciousness. Intoxication is self-imposed self abandonment. This is when the other entity may slip in. We also vacate ourselves when we do not want to know who we are. Understanding signs and symbols is a way to increase self understanding.

Being righteous is using the heart to hurt other people. Avoid being self righteous. Enlightenment is learning to balance each chakra. The chakra with the greatest power is the heart chakra. Whenever you do not do what your heart tells you to do, you are out of balance.

When starting to understand signs and symbols, the first step is to admit you are not aware of all of the messages being sent by the Inner World. Once a person is aware they are missing messages, they have already increased their awareness. When you see a sign or symbol, ask “What is the message?” Stay the observer, not as the judge. Interpretation takes practice.

Write down the signs and symbols in a journal to increase your understanding. You may start to see a pattern in the signs and symbols you notice. This will increase your awareness.
Balance in our lives is achieved by balancing our subjective and objective natures. This can be referred to as balancing yin/yang or the inner/outer. Another way to say this is to balance the right and left sides of the brain. When we use both sides of the brain, we are able to balance our thinking.

The planet is going through a time of rapid change. The left brain is desperate to keep up. Signs and symbols work on the truth. They are not good or bad. The idea of good or bad is a left brain idea. When you think of a metaphor, do not think of good or bad. Be gentle with yourself and with others. Remember, we are supreme beings having a human experience. When we are in balance, we are expressing the essence of God. Open your mind. Be more aware. Soon you will receive beautiful, loving and helpful messages from your Inner World.

Author's Bio: 

Nancy is a Spiritual Counselor who is an ordained minister and Reiki Master. In addition, she has trained as a hypnotherapist, prayer therapist and intuitive who uses a combination of modalities to assist those who need help.

Nancy is a gifted psychic and channel who works with different Ascended Masters in order to bring new truth to human consciousness.