Sin is attractive, devastating, and subtle. Obviously, sin can’t be specifically defined, yet we know it must be dealt with. How? Being told not to sin and then being told we are sinners is futile. However, it has been noticed that sin decreases as goodness increases—unites. Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. and his followers united and stood their ground for better justice. Bigotry became blatant and took a hard fall. Nevertheless, more goodness is still needed, otherwise, sin will mock the good gained.

Admittedly, the definitions for goodness and sin (right and wrong) evolve as humanity secures knowledge and experience. Mary Baker Eddy, a 19th century spiritual leader, observed that as humanity increases in the knowledge of goodness, their experience parallels the downfall of both active and passive sin. Eddy wrote a book discussing the knowledge, or science, of goodness. She defined Good (the source of goodness) as God, Love, Truth, Life, Spirit, Mind, Principle, and Soul. Here are some contributing thoughts.

• Good, God, causes rightness, usefulness, and health to be ever intensified. Therefore, what was good for human beings yesterday is not necessarily right today. Because everything the tactile senses come into contact with on this earth is an effect, humanity must focus on the infinite Cause in order to be sure the effects adjust appropriately to promote well-being.
• God, Love, has no comfort zone for human beings to become a couch potato or praying machine in. Meditation and prayer are important, however, only when they are connected to noticeable courage, progress, and integrity. Love is pro-active.
• Love, Truth, is unchangeable, yet always seen in a new light. Sin is changeable, yet always found to be the same.
• Truth, Life, is one, fully cohesive. Creative Life uniquely expresses itself through each living being. Human beings have proven that DNA, MRI’s, and the IRS cannot dictate our life. We can choose thoughts of goodness to experience. Furthermore, we can choose to unite and increase those spiritual thoughts and discover the one Life, full of goodness.
• Life, Spirit, is a revelation of immeasurable energy. Even when our energy feels diminished, broken, or abandoned, it is not. Wrong thinking has never touched our spiritual goodness.
• Spirit, Mind, is smart. Intelligent, quick, sharp. As sin impersonates Mind, it can first come across as either wise or laughable, but it becomes smart-alecky, cruel, and stupid. To eliminate sin, we can learn and practice something useful every day. We cannot just repeat the supposedly same good of yesterday because that is basically being a dupe of sin.
• Mind, Principle, is solid, orderly, and clear. It is our responsibility not to believe goodness is vulnerable, unlawful, or a mystery. The rights and wrongs of human beings morph, mutate, and differ, however, have no principled thought and action.
• Principle, Soul, is not restricted to a body, a quantum, or religion. Soul gives us rhythm. We have the ability to blend and swell in beautiful harmony as the science of Soul is understood.

The advancement of good releases humanity from the faith, or excuse, that people are hopeless sinners. Sin comes from believing Good is measurable or quantifiable. This nonsense spreads into an assertion that goodness can be possessed by some and not others. Or, believing good can be absent altogether. But, it spreads itself so thin that it is eventually seen through as spurious.

Right-doing is stimulated by knowing and manifesting—with positive increments each day—infinite goodness, united. People have over and again confirmed that there is a spirit impelling human beings to go above and beyond the silly limitations we impose on ourselves. Overcoming limitation is done through science, knowledge and demonstration. As goodness predominates, sin can do nothing but turn on itself and fade away. However, we do not want to run around busily, resting on our laurels. It is necessary continuously to contribute to united goodness.

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Cheryl Petersen's book, 21st Century Science and Health can be found online at Healing Science Today.