How does the body heal? How does it know when to stop healing? The directions are obviously inside somewhere. We just need to activate the directions. Here is something that works. This is an easy way to start boosting the immune system with directions for healing such things as those lingering colds and flu. I learned it thanks to psoriasis.

Shortly after a doctor visit where I was confirmed to have non-healing psoriasis I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and visualized a picture in front of me of a movie screen that had been divided into several dimensional grids. There was up, down and middle, as well as left, right and center. All the area in front of me was filled up like sitting in the front row of a movie theater. As I pictured my foot as it was, I realized the mental image was down in the outside corner of the center, bottom block. With my eyes still closed, I thought of a time in the past when I had something similar, like a rash that often covered the back of my hands as a kid. To my surprise that picture was in a different location, it was in the block in the upper top right side.

Hey, wait a minute, aren't we talking about a similar condition? Why aren't the pictures in the same spot? What's the difference? Oh . . . when I look at the hand it was healed and my foot "can't be?" So that's it! Up here (for me right top center) there was a past condition which healed when my immune system worked properly. Down there, (for me middle center bottom) was the psoriasis that can't be healed? Triggered by this new belief that psoriasis can't be healed I had shut down the system!

I decided to try an experiment. I looked at the bottom of my foot one more time. It was a MUST that it heal. I took the previous image of my sore foot and with my eyes closed, moved the mental picture up to the right where the healed rash had been positioned on the screen. As I did, I told myself, inside, "Up here, immune system, you know how to do the job of healing, and like the rash, I want you to make the psoriasis on my foot go away, and I want you to do it now." As I said it, in the theater of my mind, I watched the image of my foot with psoriasis heal to baby soft skin.

When I opened my eyes, I was quite taken by surprise. The bottom of my foot had turned all white. I told my immune system to heal my foot, and it's started immediately. In 30 days I had a hard white patch the size of a quarter on the bottom of the ball of my foot. Shortly thereafter it was gone and has never returned.

Annually, so many people get hit with chronic conditions that seem to linger forever. This is one of the best ways I have ever discovered to clear away those lingering effects since it boosts the immune system potential. I simply ask the questions that would result in people finding and moving the pictures to their remembered wellness spot. Hours later they want to know, "What did you do?

Try switching something that you would like to be motivated about and are not with something when you were. The opportunities for use are endless. You are only limited by your imagination. Got me to do my taxes!

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Gary Sinclair is a Cyberphysiologist who offers his book on our
part in the healing process for FREE on his web site at Gary personally healed from 80% mobility loss to become a national champion.