Proper treadmill maintenance is absolutely essential to extend the life of your machine well past the date when the manufacturer's warranty expires. Treadmills are an expensive investment in your fitness and the least you can do is to follow the maintenance procedures outlined in the manual that comes with your machine. If you don't maintain your treadmill properly, the belt, motor and other parts are likely to wear out in a much shorter period of time than expected.

In addition to keeping your treadmill clean and set up in a dust-free environment, you will also need to replace belts, tighten bolts and make adjustments as needed to keep it running properly. The more you know about this and your treadmill, the better you will be at taking care of it and the longer it will last.

When you first get your treadmill, you will want to read all the instructions that come with it fully and place them somewhere safe in case you ever need to look at them again. Next, spend some time looking over the parts of the treadmill, including underneath so you are familiar with what everything should look like.

Treadmill Maintenance Tips

So how can you perform the proper treadmill maintenance to ensure your machine continues working properly for you?

  • Keep dust away. This is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your treadmill. Dust is absolutely devastating to the treadmill. It can ruin your home treadmill so it doesn’t work properly for you anymore. Be sure to store your treadmill in an area as free of dust and moisture as possible and also remember to clean and dust all the parts on a regular basis.
  • Replacing belts. It’s important that you check on the condition of the belts of the treadmill regularly. Belts should be maintained and replaced as needed.
  • Clean the belts. In addition to replacing them when needed, you should also check the belts once a week for built up of dirt or grime that keep them from working properly.
  • Use a treadmill mat. It isn’t just for protecting your floor; it’s also important to protecting your treadmill. Mats reduce static and the likelihood that dirt and dust particles will get sucked into your treadmill motor.
  • Keep it level. Always make sure your treadmill is level on the ground. If not, it can cause the belt to slip and other possible complications.
  • Keep the tracking aligned. This reduces the load on the treadbelt and the belt rollers and keeps your belts working longer.

Now that you know these basic treadmill maintenance steps, you are ready to be a responsible treadmill owner and user.

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