As in any tragedy of this magnitude, much of what follows are the questions that attempt to put our families and us at ease?

Questions like; why do people do these things? what should I do to protect my family? and how will this change our world? These questions spring from our hearts as we try to empathize with those who are directly impacted and embrace the magnitude of these acts. As adults our mental process engages our wisdom drawn from personal experience and history itself. Then with teetering reassurance we tell ourselves that everything will be all right. When we really don’t believe it will be.

Children process things much differently, especially young children, and as wise parents we would do best to remember the following?

1.)Kids are mirrors. Their feelings and words will directly reflect ours. If you’re worried, so are they! If you're caviler so are they! Be a good model for them.

2.) Kids are powerless. They rely totally upon you for reassurance and protection. Help them to see that nothing ultimately has changed; God and you are still watching over them and will protect them regardless of what others do.

3.) Kids need the truth, but not brutally so. Tell them, “There are bad people in this world, and that is why there are policemen and military. Along with Moms & Dads, it is there job to protect kids. It is our job to wise. We should not be afraid we should just be careful."

4.)Turn the TV off when they're around! Monitor the amount of exposure you give kids to the grueling details and the media. After a while you will have heard enough, then check back later to see if there is anything new.

Finally, use this tragedy to be moved to action as a family. Because of the magnitude of this tragedy there will be several opportunities to give of yourselves.
1.) Give blood
2.) Give money
3.) Attend church together
4.) Pray as a family

Let’s unite our hearts as families and as a nation to pray for and support our government and President as they weigh the matters at hand.

God Bless America,
Dr. Kevin Leman

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Kevin Leman is a frequent guest on Good Morning America and is the host of the syndicated television show realFamilies (

He has authored 23 books on parenting and marriage. Some of his best sellers include; "The New Birth Order Book", "Sex Begins in the Kitchen" and "Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours".