When you use social networking to market your business, you’ll increase your love for the medium (and profitable results) when you make sure you’re coming across as approachable. Whether you’re outgoing or shy, your approachability quotient will make the difference in your successful connections on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and more.

Now take a look at your social networking profiles. Are you approachable or do you project a big brick wall? Do you create the space for people to comfortably want to find out more about you… or are you shutting out prospects and potential JV partners?

Take this list of questions and hold it up against your social networking profiles. If you see anything out of alignment, make a few tweaks then spot what results happen for you.

1. Does your social networking profile “smile”?
Check the language and wording on your profile: is it friendly? Does it make people want to get to know you? Do you use language that invites people in or puts them off? Don’t be afraid to be friendly, A good exercise is to actually SMILE as you write. Seriously, give that a try when you update your profile and see what words flow from you.

2. What does your profile photo say?
A picture speaks a thousand words, and with the quantum power of social networking, your photo is going to be seen by a lot of people! Whether you want something relaxed or posed, it’s important to understand the energy your profile photo is conveying. Use a close-up shot for best results- remember, the actual profile image is going to be quite small and anything farther away than a close up won’t be seen well.

3. When you comment, are you projecting a positive or negative attitude?
How you break the ice with others will set the tone for how people perceive you. If your habit is to complain, then that’s what you’ll get known as: a complainer. (Examples: nonstop complaints about Twitter being down. Endless blog postings about what’s wrong with everything.) If you’re a person who spots the positive and shares with others positive things, then that’s what you’ll get known as. (Hint: go for the positive approach!)

4. Is everything always about YOU or do you leave space for others?
As wonderful as you are, social networking is not the place to grandstand or endlessly self-promote. One of the best ways to raise your approachability quotient is to step out and put the focus away from yourself. Try asking people about THEM… that’s a start!

5. Do you balance the personal and the professional?
One of my “magic secrets” to social networking is to balance the personal and professional, especially in the banter between you and others. Watch for personal-life entry points that can facilitate a stronger relationship (that pays off later on) such as hobbies, sports, movies, favorite TV shows, kids, or other “life” topics.

When you focus on making yourself more approachable on social networking sites, you increase the ability for others to know, like, and trust you. Look over your activities online and see if you could increase your approachability quotient with these handy tips.

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Nancy Marmolejo is a PR, media, and social networking strategist who teaches women entrepreneurs how to generate more money and attention by positioning themselves in the spotlight. An award winning business owner, Nancy is frequently quoted in the areas of business, creativity, and social networking. Get Nancy's 7 part free audio course by visiting VivaVisibility.

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