Written by a dear hypnotherapy colleague of mine, Denis Ridgeway:

In my work as a Hypnotherapist, I have been fortunate to meet some unforgettable characters. Bill is one that stands out above all others.
If ever there was a man that reminded you of Santa Claus on his off time, that was Bill. His face glowed when he laughed and his size would fill out a Santa costume perfectly. He was a very jolly man who always had a joke and a laugh that brought a instant smile.

Bill’s son had contacted me to help his father with two major problems. He was a diabetic, the disease had already caused amputation of his legs and caused what is known as phantom pain syndrome. This happens when the mind does not recognized that the limb has been removed, and forces the subject to feel pain as if it is still there. His disease had also caused neuropathy, in both hands. This caused unbearable pain and limited use of his hands. To control this pain the doctor had given Bill heavy pain medication. When his son contacted me , Bill was taken 26-30 pills a week. The object of the Hypnosis sessions was to reduce the pain so that he could take less medication. I contacted his doctor and after receiving his permission I scheduled the first appointment.

I would need to treat him at his home because of his limited mobility. He was a excellent subject and responded to my suggestion for relaxation eagerly. I proceeded to direct him in to deeper Hypnosis. Suddenly, he began to sway back and forth. Next, came the most horrible sound that I have ever heard in my life. If you ever combined all the screams from every horror movies that you had ever seen and added a thousand cats who’s tails had been caught in a fan, it would not come close to what I was hearing. The hair on neck stood straight up and my whole body became ridged. “ Dear Lord I’ve killed this man “ instantly when through my mind. I quickly regained my senses and immediately checked on my Hypnotized client. There he sat perfectly normal with a big smile on his face, while still making this horrible sound. His faithful dog who was always by his side had run for cover. I immediately asked Bill to stop whatever he was doing and the room grew silent once again. I regained what was left of my composure and began the suggestions to ease his never ending pain. Then I taught him how to use self hypnosis anytime it was needed to reduce the pain.

Bill came out of Hypnosis feeling wonderful and in less pain than he had been in years. I renewed all the instruction that I had given him and then went over today’s session. Not wanting to alarm him I asked if he remember anything unusual during Hypnosis. “ Why yes, I remember while I was so relaxed I heard a radio with my favorite song playing, it was so beautiful that I had to sing along with it as loud as I could “. Not in a million years would I have guessed that what I heard was singing. I know from my training that each person reacts to Hypnosis in a different way. I do not believe that this response has ever been noted from a individual. I am very happy to report after Hypnotizing thousands of people this has never happened again.

Bill continued his treatments with good results. He was able to use Self Hypnosis to reduce his pain medication from the 26-30 pill a week, down to 6 a week. His life had been filled with pain and misery. He was always grateful for the helped that I had given him. Several years ago Bill lost his battle with the disease which had plagued his life.

After Bill’s death his son brought me a jacket. It wasn’t fancy nor was it expensive. “ Dad wanted you to have this ‘to thank you for helping him” his son said. It has been many years and I still have the jacket, every time I wear it I think of him. He had a quick wit and a smile that melt your heart, but he was one person who should never tried to sing.

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