Need to remove negativity from your life?

Most of us feel we have negativity in our lives that we would like to release. We may feel stuck and can’t seem to move forward in our lives no matter how hard we attempt to change things. Sometimes we feel like we are carrying a heavy burden but don’t know exactly what that burden is. We may not be aware that negativity from our past can manifest in our present day life consciously and/or subconsciously as mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual challenges. This negativity may impede our ability to live to our highest potential, maintain perfect health and happiness.

What is Soul Energy Clearing (SEC)?

Since arriving in New Zealand almost three years ago, I have been noticing that the majority of people including myself perceive that life is speeding up. We are sensing it is time to aspire to higher levels of being. There is no more extra time to work things out at a slower, less evolved pace. After years of research and learning many different modalities, I realised that it was time to create a new powerful, effective and simpler method of helping people to find work life balance that enhances their wellbeing. Hence, based on my training in other modalities for decades in North America and the support of my students, I created Soul Energy Clearing (SEC) in 2007.

Soul Energy Clearing (SEC) is a unique energy healing method that accesses issues at their roots and removes negativity from our past. It is private with no need to share personal information. It clears the past easily with no conscious knowledge of the past required and no regression. Belief in past lives is not needed to have an SEC session be effective.

SEC Philosophy

We are all individuals with different needs and wants. Each of us needs to be honoured for our uniqueness; not treated as if we are all the same. Answers to our individual problems and questions need to incorporate that individuality. I believe one of the best ways we can honour our soul’s path is by looking within for guidance to the answers.

We have two voices within us. The loud, frequent and sometimes negative voice is our ego voice. It is needed to a small degree to aid us on our individual path. The sacred inner voice is soft, infrequent and never negative. It is often called intuition, but in essence, it is our inner teacher that carries the wisdom of the ages. Our inner guidance can help us to find our true sense of self. Better choices are made when we have a healthier sense of who we are and a stronger desire to live to our highest potential.

The problem can be listening to that inner voice and then following its guidance. It is sometimes easier to ignore that inner voice. It can appear to be easier to follow the frequent ego voice! When we don’t follow that inner guidance, we will often regret it and find our selves saying, “I knew I shouldn’t have done that!” So how do we turn the volume down on the ego voice and raise the volume on our inner voice? Besides asking Spirit directly, SEC is a great tool because it incorporates mind/body/soul healing techniques to identify, clear, and remove those negative blocks and beliefs that are lodged in our subconscious.

What happens during an SEC session?

Because energy is everywhere, an SEC session can be done anywhere in person or long distance and lasts 30-40 minutes. The session is like a “house clearing” session where the house represents your life. Spirit clears out all of the negative blocks from your past that you can handle releasing. I believe we are all onions with layers that were created over time. For best results, the negativity needs to be removed over time, perhaps a few layers at a time. Spirit determines how much releasing you can handle as the clearing goes on long after the session is over to readjust your energy.

Since we are co-creators with the Universal Source/Spirit, after the session you decide how to redecorate your house/life; hopefully, with more positives. With the gift of free will, you can choose to create more self-limiting beliefs; however, after an SEC session, most people don’t have that desire or inclination.

The symbol for SEC is the tree of life with a bird flying overhead. The tree of life symbolizes how the past is reflected in our present. The leaves represent our present life while the roots represent the source of our present issues. This diagram illustrates how our past (below the ground) is a mirror of our present (above the ground).

Tree of Life

Everyone’s uniqueness creates many things that may need to be cleared. To simplify SEC, there are 16 charts that offer many options. A pendulum is used with the charts to guide us to what needs to be cleared. The pendulum is a physical representation of the inner voice that we don’t always listen to. It is easier to ignore the inner voice than to ignore the swing of the pendulum.

The SEC symbol reminds us that after a session where negativity in our life (tree) is removed, we can better hear our inner voice (bird). Thus we can soar to new heights and live the life of our dreams.

“Spirit whispers within our souls and speaks to our hearts.
Sometimes when we don’t have the time to listen,
They throw a brick at us. It’s our choice to listen or not.”

SEC Benefits

Besides hearing our inner voice better, after an SEC session an individual may experience more calmness, better relationships, a sense of relief with the lessening of emotional baggage, and improvement in health challenges. Life may look brighter with more enthusiasm for the future when you don’t carry the heaviness of the past. SEC has a profound effect on most people. I have witnessed wonderful changes in people’s lives after a session. SEC reminds us that we do have positive power over the negativity in our life!

SEC can be helpful with problematic animals because they are souls too! Also, the negative effects (emotional, mental and physical) from negative physical environments (geopathic stress lines in the earth, etc.) can be released with SEC.

Another session is not usually needed for many months until you feel blocked again. You can choose to have another session or you may want to learn this simple method to remove negativity for yourself, family and friends. You can easily empower yourself with this amazing technique that will help you and others to live a healthier and happier life!

Author's Bio: 

Barbara Ann Guiney is the author of ‘Natural Options’, a corporate motivational speaker, consultant, and researcher in natural healthcare for more than 30 years. She has incorporated her extensive experience, training, and knowledge to inspire and empower people to enjoy better wellbeing. Barbara has been certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra as a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor; certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue and the American Hypnotherapy Board as a Certified Spiritual Counselor; and she is a Certified NLP practitioner with Eriksonian Hypnotherapy. Barbara is the creator of Soul Energy Clearing and co-creator of Universal Balancing and Link.

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