Put your hand over your heart feel it beat feel it pulsate life throughout your body and know with absolute certainty there was a reason Higher Power placed you on this Earth.
There are so many women feeling isolated cut off struggling without support without hope for a brighter future without the skills and knowledge to step forward into a new life.
They don’t know it but they have spirit within them Woman’s spirit a legacy of women gone before them blazing trails of courage and determination.
There are a number of reasons women lose their spirit:
• Loss of self esteem
• A feeling of being alone
• Broken relationships
• Childhood scars
• Too much pressure to be someone they are not
• An inability to speak their truth
• Unrealistic expectations of themselves and others
• Inability to cope with aging
• Lack of knowledge about themselves and lack of belief in themselves

These are but a few in a long list of reasons why women lose their spirit. So what can you do to change the course of the wind so you can once again hear your heart song?

Let go
Let go
Let go

Bottom line trying to control your world is futile change happens to everyone even the Pope. Events outside of your control will occur, people will do things you may not like you will not be able to stop them and rather than pushing against the current wearing yourself out maybe it might be better to figure out which way the tide is going and how you can flow with it and be carried to your destination.

Drowning people struggle they will cling to anything and anyone in their panic. Struggling only adds to the weight adds to the odds against you adds to the urgency the panic and chances are those you are trying to cling too will start to push you away not wanting to be pulled down with you.

Let go and let God Higher Power Goddess (whatever your creator of choice) let go and trust, take a breath and trust.

When you let go of expectations you open yourself up to all possibilities.
When you let go of expectations others are free to be themselves around you.
When you let go of expectations you are able to be carried with the tide changing course if need be not restricted by any preconceived notions of what things should look like.
But be warned letting go involves risk it involves believing in your self and in something greater than yourself. It involves forgiveness of others (people not actions) and involves letting go of guilt shame unhealthy patterns old messages and forgiving yourself and accepting your humanity the imperfections that make up the greatness of who you are.

Letting go means you won’t have any ammunition to fight with no bitterness, no regrets, no emotional swords to swing at those who cross you. Letting go means being at peace with your world and everything in it.

How do you let go?
• Take a breath then another then another inhale exhale
• Take a step one foot then the other take another step one foot then the other
• Take a moment take two moments
• Give yourself permission to feel
• Give yourself permission to forgive
• Give yourself permission to let go
• Give yourself permission to love and be loved

Give and take see the theme arising, give and take that is what life is all about not push and pull not yours and mine not everything or nothing. Give and take the gentle ebb and flow of life as the tide comes in and the tide goes out.

Now ask who am I?

• What are my dreams?
• What foods do I like what colors?
• What gives me joy?
• What makes me sad?
• What makes me angry?
• How do I see myself when I look in the mirror?
• What do I believe about myself
- Do I deserve love?
- I am a creative intelligent person?
- Am I strong, passionate, capable?
• What do I believe about my world?
- Is it wonderful?
- Is it full of hope?
- Is it never getting any better
- Is it desolate and barren of love?

You have to know the ‘real’ you the warts and all you.
You have to be ‘real’ with yourself , have to know all there is to know about your belief system your values and you have to write it all down.
Then you have to do a cross check is this me or this my past or is this someone else’s belief about me or someone else’s perception of what I am?

Then when you have a list of things that do not belong to you

Let them go
Let them go
Let them go

Take a breath and let it all go…..

Take your shoes of walk in your own feet for a while
Take the layers of past off feel the sunshine on your skin
Give yourself a pat on the back your greatness is showing and that’s okay.
Give yourself time, time to grieve because letting go involves loss and loss no matter what form it takes has to be grieved for

Let go breathe let go grieve let go move on

Move on what does that mean? What are you meant to move on to? Where are you meant to go to? What does all this have to do with finding your woman spirit?

Let’s go back a bit…..

Let’s reflect on things a bit…..

Emotional baggage it manifests as backaches, guilt carried forward from the past same thing but add leg complaints to it....
Unspoken words not speaking your truth this manifests as throat complaints and if you get anxiety attacks panic attacks they may be caused by too much emotion sitting on the chest….
Nervousness inability to stay in one spot for too long that may be fear of letting go of feeling those things on your chest of running away from dealing with issues…..
Your health may reflect your spirit or lack there of……

So what are you moving on too?
• Better health
• Healthier patterns of behavior
• Greater awareness of your self in every sense
1. Awareness of your abilities
2. Awareness of your role in relationships
3. Awareness of your body
4. Awareness of the way you perceive the world

• Increased intuition and the courage to trust that intuition
• Taking responsibility for your life choices and accessing knowledge so that you may make more informed choices
• Spirituality Higher Self a peace and joy that only comes from knowing you are part of a bigger picture not only part of it but essential to it

So take a step today and

• Give yourself time be patient with yourself do not put unrealistic expectations on yourself ….so it didn’t all happen in a week but you tried you took a risk you began the process…..no one said it would be easy only that it would get easier the further along you got….good for you tell yourself how great you are every day no matter what
• Give yourself the benefit of support reach out for help if you need it access it if it is available....pride shame guilt they are anchors keeping you where you are....let them go they do not serve you well….healthy people aware people reach out for help when they need it because they are not afraid of their vulnerability and nor should you be
• Take a moment of reflection each day and moment that is solely yours a moment of meditation….let the noise of the outside world die away and let the voice of spirit be heard
• Take a moment every day to find something to be grateful for something in your life even if it is the smallest thing, just find something to be grateful for....why? because it changes how you view your world…..it lets a little light in and the more light that enters your life the more you will be able to see the greatness that is you and the wonder that is creation and Mother Earth
• Take a second to link to every other woman on this planet because some where in the world some one is going through the very same thing you are so send a prayer of courage in their direction they need your help too

Spirit it is the breath of life it is the heart that beats in your chest the life force of creation….and to deny your greatness to not step into it and claim it as your birth right that is to give away what creator gifted to you the moment you were born....

Let go of I can not

Replace it instead with I am willing to I am ready to I am able to

Let go of I cannot change it

Replace it with I will find a way I will ask for help I will be the change I want to see

Let go of it is all their fault

Replace it with I take responsibility for my life and the choices I made in the past and the choices I will make in the future

Let go of life sucks life is out to get me

Replace it with how blessed am I to be alive how blessed am I to have the opportunity to change to build the life I want how blessed am I simply to have a planet full of Mother Natures miracles that I can walk amongst and appreciate every day

Let go of if only I had this if only I won lotto if only they would change if only someone would come along and save me

Replace it with I have infinite power within me I will move forward I will get to where I want to be I am capable I have greatness within I am a Divine child of the universe deserving of abundance in all its forms

You are a woman a creator of life a spirit creature
You can be a creator of the life you want
You can be a spirit warrior
You can be a woman of spirit it is in you all you have to do is see it

I see it
Creator saw it
Others see it
Do not deny the world your greatness

I end with these words

It is Spirit that allows us to fly
It is soul that allows us to see
It is heart that allows us to feel
But it is letting go that sets us free

Robin J (2007)

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