Miracles” is a term used to define situations where our comprehension and knowledge does not explain what has happened. Many of the results in my 29 years as a technical researcher facilitating healings for a variety of illnesses were perceived as miracles by observers.

Some of my healing experiences were reported in the May 2008 edition of the International Journal of Healing and Caring (IJHC). The article “EXPERIENCES IN ENERGY HEALING AND LOVE BASED SPIRITUAL HEALING” is available at: www.ijhc.org. I wrote that article to help healthcare professionals and the public understand that we are all at a point where we can all learn to help facilitate miracles. In accomplishing your own “miracles”, it will soon become evident that you can truly accomplish change in yourself, others and our environment.

Most energy healing researchers today view the human system as a network of "subtle energy fields" composed of energetic particles. We are all made of energy particles that construct, energize and sustain the molecules, cells and atoms in our bodies. These particles can be adversely influenced by our experiences and eventually manifest in us as diseases or emotional disorders. It is within your power to readjust these energy particles to maximize your health.

We define Spiritual Healing as the assistance that a group of ordinary people energetically offers to someone’s subtle energy fields using a non contact healing method that employs Divine Love. To help you, we have developed the Divine Love Group Healing Process that can be used alone, with a friend, or in a large group environment. The Process is available gratis at: http://www.worldserviceinstitute.org/

Examples of Perceived Miracles

A woman requested an emergency meeting with a doctor I was visiting. The woman exhibited all the characteristics of a drunk. She literally staggered into the doctor’s office and bumped into the walls. We did a healing and noticed that within seconds the room had filled with the smell of formaldehyde. We recognized the smell and knew that she had been poisoned somehow. We asked her about her family; they were living in a mobile home and the husband and children were also exhibiting disorientation. During the cold weather (-20F) the heat was turned up in the trailer to the point that the adhesives in the walls broke down, contaminating the air which people then breathed. We immediately set up an emergency program for the neighborhood to provide healing for her family and other families in the trailer park. As soon as people went through the healing process, their bodies energetically released the formaldehyde and they became instantly well.

A man scheduled for a quadruple heart bypass came to me for assistance. I learned that as a navy corpsman, he was among the first to enter Nagasaki after the atomic bomb was dropped. He had been exposed to radiation and had also suffered a near breakdown because of the devastation he witnessed. Ten days after the healing, the hospital pronounced him completely recovered from heart disease.

A woman came to me for help, frustrated because she had terminal lung cancer and felt that “God was punishing her”. Following her healing, I asked her to wait 10 days for the healing to complete, after which she was pronounced completely well by a different cancer hospital.

We had just completed a Group Healing Training Program for a graduating class of physicians. Several hours later, one of the students collided with a truck and broke his collar bone, shoulder, ribs, left arm and leg and ankle, One rib penetrated a lung. The fractures of the arm and leg had multiple breaks in each limb which made setting them nearly impossible. He was in ICU and the prognosis for survival was not good. The Professor sponsoring the training program called me and asked what could be done. I indicated that a Group healing should be done by the students on their classmate. They met in the hospital and performed the ceremony as they had been taught in my course. Three days later the young doctor walked out of the hospital completely well; all body parts had realigned and healed

As we become educated on spiritual healing, miracles become accepted as an everyday occurrence. Through the Divine Love Group Healing Process, people can learn Group concepts to conduct spiritual healing on themselves and others.

While Group healing results are usually very impressive, those who participate in Group work quickly realize that they are part of an ongoing Divine miracle as the Creator uses us to achieve change in the world.

Author's Bio: 

Bob enjoyed a 40-year career as a Professional Chemical Engineer and Business Manager.

In 1979 Bob formed a lifelong friendship with Marcel Vogel, a world renowned IBM scientist. Bob, Marcel and a team of dedicated professionals put together a research laboratory in San Jose, California. Once in place, the lab team began a scientific study of subtle energy healing principles.

Marcel, Bob and others doctors affiliated with the lab taught these emerging energy principles through experiential workshops to help people heal their lives and health problems. The key teachings were based upon recognizing that the Creator's love is real and is an energy that can be experienced in our lives to clear us of many problems in the human condition.

Bob formed World Service Institute as a nonprofit nondenominational teaching company to teach the general public to understand and respectfully apply Divine Love in resolving social and health problems.

Contact Bob at: healinghelp@worldserviceinstitute.org if you have questions or need help