I have spent 29 years as a technical researcher facilitating healings on a variety of illnesses. In the beginning, my understanding of“energy” was strictly that taught in engineering school. There was no mention of energy associated with the human body.

Those of us studying energy today view the human body as complex, unseen energy fields (subtle energy bodies) composed of energetic particles. As I worked with my “subtle energy” mentor, a world renowned scientist, many important benchmark discoveries were made and documented. Some of these were reported in the May 2008 edition of the International Journal of Healing and Caring (IJHC) whose editor is a well know psychotherapist. The article “EXPERIENCES IN ENERGY HEALING AND LOVE BASED SPIRITUAL HEALING” is available at: www.ijhc.org.

Some of you may have had a limited exposure to healing or may be operating with definitions that no longer apply. To me “energy healing” is someone doing something to your subtle energy fields using universal energy and possibly an intention of personal love that may or may not involve devices. The Creator is not generally included.

Our definition of Spiritual Healing is this. It is the assistance that a group of ordinary people and the Creator of the universe, offer to your subtle energy fields, without devices, using a non contact healing method that utilizes the Creator’s Love (Divine Love). You can access our World Service Institute (WSI) website at www.worldserviceinstitute.org for a free course on spiritual healing techniques for correcting all kinds of problems in your life once you understand and correctly apply Divine Love.

While today there are more health care professionals getting involved, the principles of subtle energy healing are still confused and misunderstood. We tried to clarify and distinguish between Energy Healing and Spiritual Healing in the IJHC article, where 13 energy principles were documented through scientific experiments and experiences. Here are six you need to know about.

1. We can all transmit energy through space with directed intention.

2. A loving intention facilitates healing.

3. Use the Creator’s Divine Love in all that you do to avoid transmitting limited love energy to those you are helping.

4. Energy follows thought.

5. Directed thought energy is not limited by distance.

6. Spiritual Healing does not require physical tools or elaborate ceremonies.

How can these Energy Principles help you? The answer is:
We are all made of energy particles that construct, energize and sustain the molecules, cells and atoms in our bodies. These particles can be adversely influenced by our experiences that eventually manifest in us as diseases or emotional disorders. It is within your power to readjust these energy particles to maximize your health.

To help you, we have developed the Divine Love Group Healing Process that can be used alone, with a friend, or in a large group of well intentioned people willing to help you. The Process is available at no cost at: http://www.worldserviceinstitute.org/

As you review the Process, it looks almost too good to be true! However as you look at the list of successful healings, realize that many of them represent illnesses where no other means of recovery was available. As you examine the Process in depth or try it for yourself, keep the following in mind:

1. You are responsible for initiating your healing - no one else.

2. You experience Divine Love in a non judgmental, non threatening environment.

3. The Process is painless.

4. Therapists can use the Process to help patients accelerate results. Thus more people can be helped which will help relieve the overload in population centers that are exhibiting increased needs as civilization continues to exhibit health problems.

5. The Process offers people with no insurance or limited health options a way of getting help.

Here are cases where the Process was used to heal addictions.

A well known rock and roll star asked for help in releasing his addiction to cocaine. He had become addicted after spending many grueling years on tour and wanted a more normal life. He realized that he had become trapped by drugs, but he was not willing to risk media exposure by enrolling in a rehabilitation clinic. A group of ten people were attending one of my group healing seminars, so I invited Mr. X to join us during the morning. The healing took ten minutes, after which Mr. X thanked everyone and left. Several years have passed and Mr. X continues to live drug free.

There have been many more people over recent years who released addictions to various drugs. When done correctly the release is immediate and lasting.

Addictions take many forms such as craving foods (bulimia) or the fear of weight gain from eating (anorexia nervosa). Others want to eliminate addictions to smoking or drinking.

The above conditions and many more may be correctable using the Process.

Hopefully, you have gained sufficient understanding to put your mind at ease. Try the Process - it works. Then share your experience with others. Help a friend.

Contact me at: healinghelp@worldserviceinstitute.org if you have questions or need help.

Author's Bio: 

Bob enjoyed a 40-year career as a Professional Chemical Engineer and Business Manager.

His original technical recognition occurred in the late 60's when he implemented the first computer controlled liner board machine in the U.S. He went on to implement computer control systems in the chemical industry for plastic resin manufacturing. During the 70's he was a respected consulting engineer and as editor-in-chief produced a widely acclaimed technical manual on water treatment for the Pulp and Paper Industry. In the 80's he served as ASAT (anti-satellite) Program Manager for the Strategic Defense Initiative program. In the 90's and until his retirement, he continued to serve in various technical consulting and business management positions in the Process Control Industry.

In 1979 Bob formed a lifelong friendship with Marcel Vogel, a world renowned IBM scientist. Bob, Marcel and a team of dedicated professionals put together a research laboratory in San Jose, California. Once in place, the lab team began a scientific study of subtle energy healing principles. Bob served as a Director and business agent for the lab.

Marcel, Bob and others doctors affiliated with the lab taught these emerging energy principles through experiential workshops to help people heal their lives and health problems. The key teachings were based upon recognizing that the Creator's love is real and is an energy that can be experienced in our lives to clear us of many problems in the human condition.

Bob formed World Service Institute as a nonprofit nondenominational teaching company to teach the general public to understand and respectfully apply Divine Love in resolving social and health problems. Bob lectured extensively throughout the United States and Eastern Canada for many years. After Marcel’s death, Bob relocated WSI to Tennessee.

With the advent of the internet, it is more practical to help people through self-teaching programs. In this way Bob continues to share information and provide healing assistance to those people who do not respond to normal medical treatments.