Everyone has dreams. Many times they are simply a thought that floats through the mind and exits as quickly as it came. Other times the dream may linger a while or even re-occur from time to time, but still gradually fade away, totally disintegrating. Some dreams hang in there, remaining a permanent fixture in the mind for weeks, months or even years. One thing I am sure of through my own experiences and the experiences of others, is that anything you can dream, if you believe it and keep it alive, can become your reality!

For seven years I kept seeing a healing center called Where Miracles Happen. I had no idea how it could ever become reality, but my inner guidance kept telling me it would come to pass if I continued to envision it. So I did, and in 2007 the center opened its doors into reality! My key to bringing it into reality was simply this: I kept the dream alive by continually seeing and feeling it, and knowing it would happen.

Recently, society became aware of one law of the universe through the movie “The Secret.” It is the law that what you think about, what you focus on, what you believe, and what vibration you put out into the universe is what you will get back, guaranteed. If you focus on what isn’t working, what you believe is impossible to do, or what you don’t like, you will continue to receive experiences and situations to re-enforce your thoughts of doubt, worry, problems, or not enough. However, it you focus on the good in your life and what you want to create, you will eventually create it!

This works with dreams. What is it you want in your life? A different vocation? A soulmate partner? More prosperity? A new house? Children? Fulfillment? Happiness? Joy? Peace? Abundance? Great Health? Often people are so busy concentrating on what they don’t want yet they cannot understand why what they don’t want keeps showing up. They blame everything in their world around them when actually it is their very own thoughts that are creating those unwanted experiences. However, if you know that what you think about creates your life experiences, then doesn’t it make sense to focus on the things you want to create instead of what’s around you that isn’t to your liking? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Okay, so you now understand that in order to create what you want in your life - your dreams - you must focus on them and get rid of negative thoughts that do not serve any good purpose in your life. As you begin working on this you’ll find yourself happier, more excited about life, and actually realize some good things are happening for you. Be careful here! Don’t get too comfortable and slide into that complacent state just yet. You see, by nature people want to feel secure and comfortable, so they place the intention for a dream, a small one, and when it shows up they feel as if they are done and can slip into that comfort zone of “mission accomplished”. But that isn’t the way it works!

When you are expanding your life by creating your dreams into reality, you have to stretch yourself into unfamiliar territory. There is never room for complacency here, and just about the time you feel settled and
snuggled down into that warm, cozy feeling of security, it’s time to pick up your bag and begin your travels into the unknown again. Know that with this movement comes a risk. Sometimes there are lessons to be learned on the journey so your experiences don’t feel too good. Sometimes it may feel like failure, but understand that in every seeming failure there is an immense gift, something important for you to learn. So in seeing the “failure” as a gift, it is really a positive experience!

Importantly, you must define what it is you want, what dreams you want to create into your life. Here individuals tend to think small and create dreams that they can imagine as possible. I’m saying you need to dream big, bigger than ever before. If you can think it, and envision it with feeling, you can create it. It’s really that simple, and the wonderful part of it all is that you do not have to know or figure out any of the details. All you do is simply surrender the details to the Higher Power and wait patiently for everything to unfold. Of course, the waiting isn’t easy for most people, so as they get tired of waiting they often try to slide into the driver’s seat and take over so they can make things happen the way they want and when they want. Oops! No good on this one. You have to let go of the reins for it to work – not an easy task for many.

As you are defining what you want, stretch your mind to see beyond what you think is possible. Now don’t get carried away and ask to become a multi-millionaire in a month. Be realistic. But you certainly can choose to become a multi-millionaire in your lifetime if that is something you dream of becoming. With any dream and vision there are requirements when stretching into that dream. If you presently earn 40,000.00 per year, you will need to learn how to handle that much money and use it wisely. So rest assured you’ll be presented with various ways to stretch into the space of readiness to become a multi-millionaire. You may have to learn about stocks or real estate investing, take advantage of classes, study with an entrepreneur, or open to new ideas for creating this wealth. When your dreams are big, it comes with big requirements. So what happens?

Most people opt for the easier road – make it a smaller dream with only small requirements. It’s safer and easier. Some people don’t dare dream bigger because they doubt they can do it. Others are simply afraid that it actually might happen and that is the scariest. This is often the major aspect of why a dream doesn’t happen – the fear if it actually did happen. Could I do it? What would it mean for my life if I did it? What would change if I allowed this? Where would I have to go?

Anything worth anything requires many steps, most of which are into the unknown. But what I’ve learned on my journey is that if I can conceive of the idea, then I have the capability to do it. It may mean I have to learn something new and overcome some fears along the way, but in the end I will become stronger, more confident, and most importantly, the victor.

One day as I was meditating, this thought came into my mind that brought together for me how to really get what I want. I was guided to think about my dreams with a knowing rather than a longing. Ah! As I pondered this I realized this is a key to creating dreams into reality. If a dream is focused on with longing and wishing for it to happen, then there’s a hint of doubt wrapped up with “I don’t have it” (lack). But if the dream comes with the knowing that it will happen when the timing is right, then it can manifest. So as you dream your dreams and place your intention for it to become reality, establish the knowing within you that it is already on the way. Then you’ll be assured of receiving it. Make sure that whatever you dream is in alignment with what is your heart’s true desire. And above all remember this: You have unlimited power to create the life you dream of living!

Author's Bio: 

Carolyn Porter, D. Div., author, speaker, trainer, spiritual wholeness coach, self-publish your book coach, angel practitioner, energy healer, and owner of Where Miracles Happen healing center. Carolyn has dedicated her life to helping indviduals know their magnificence and power so they can create the life they truly want and deserve. For more information visit www.drcarolynporter.com or www.wheremiracleshappen.com, or email her at info@drcarolynporter.com or wheremiracles@bellsouth.net.